March 2022 Website Update

Latest Update

Hello, fellow classmates! I hope this update finds you healthy and happy, looking forward to the coming signs of Spring. It looks as if Covid is finally on the run, and things are getting back to almost normal. Here in Florida the temperature is set to be 88º later this week, and 90º is not far away. We’ll be heading to Georgia in a few more weeks to try and squeeze a little more Spring temperatures out before the Summer heat.

It’s easy to forget that we have different audiences, so I am trying to cover my bases. This update will be posted on the Grove website and also on Facebook, as well as being sent to our list. So forgive me, please, if it is old news, but I would rather tell some people twice than miss someone completely.

Find a Grave

find-a-graveWhen Nancy Culver, whose mother was Lela Margaret Pritchette Neese, a member the Grove Class of 1931, gave me a quick class in how the “Find a Grave” website works, I immediately saw the possibility to streamline the way we are doing obituaries. This prompted me to create an EW Grove page on the site, I was able to create “Virtual Cemeteries” by Class year and have now started linking “memorials” (obituaries) to the site.

Once again, I owe a big thank you to Susan Stewart, who is already active on Find a Grave and has been posting about people from Paris for several years. Susan has been a big help posting the memorials and allowing me to link them to our accounts.

Most Recent News

Since our last update, we have sadly lost further classmates. The following memorials have now been posted to our Find a Grave site:

Our sympathies go to the families and friends of those classmates we have lost.

In Closing

I hope you find this new methodology to be workable for you. My objective when beginning this task was first to preserve the website, and that has been done, at least for now. Find a Grave is a well known site that is easy to use and has thousands of contributors. I believe that for the longer term it is a better place for our obituaries to be posted, and I will continue to provide updates such as this and hopefully of more happy events, such as reunions. As always, please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, suggestions or questions.

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2 thoughts on “March 2022 Website Update”

  1. Many thanks for your efforts.

    My former internet provider was apparently “sold?” to another party that suddenly and with minimal notice decided to end all email services for the former provider.

    This resulted, not only for me but many other individuals and businesses, to really scramble to save what we could. There were many contacts that I could not remember or what cancelled e-mails I had used.

    It will be very nice to once again be able to be informed about our class.

    Again, many thanks and much appreciation for your efforts.

  2. Thank you so much for diligently keeping this site updated for those of us trying to keep up with our former classmates.

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