Grove Tower

Just another test…

We’re getting there! I’m testing the Facebook page and mailing list. Sorry…I would limit the audience if I could.

Grove Tower
Photo courtesy of Shannon McFarlin.

As an aside, I love this picture from Shannon. I hope to use it as a logo on future posts. It certainly does bring back memories.

Just filling in here, because I want to put some text in to test both sides. So what a good time to say how absolutely grateful I am for Susan Stewart and Becky Hedges. Both are a tremendous help, Becky keeping our membership list legitimate and Susan with all the research on our classmates, obituaries, etc. And she didn’t even go to Grove – well, Cottage Grove, right Susan? It’s a big job, and I found her by looking at all her posts on the FindAGrave site. She has been doing tremendous work for us.

While I have a few of you, hopefully not too bored with all this techie stuff, don’t forget that those Virtual Cemeteries we talk about are ordered by class going all the way back to 1908! You can see them all here…

Thanks for your support, everyone!

David Brown

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