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Hello, everyone! Once again I am behind on Grove news, but hopefully today will be the start of a better way to keep up. I enlisted the help of someone far more technical than myself to help me set up a way to send future posts to the mailing list and to Facebook. This is a website post, but a copy is going to our mailing and also to the Grove Facebook page. Fingers crossed! 🤞

***For our Facebook users, please forgive the re-posting of information which many of you have seen. There will be a couple more before I get caught up.***

The purpose of this first post is to catch up on the list of our classmates who have passed away.

Class Name and Link
1950 Virginia Olleen Thompson Jackson (1932 – 2023)
1951 Martha Sue Fitzsimmons Smith (1933 – 2023)
1951 Roger Harris (1932 – 2023)
1953 Samuel Kenneth Mizell (1934 – 2023)
1957 Mike Caldwell (1939 – 2023)
1958 Jerry Franklin Byrd (1940 – 2023)
1959 Curtis Welton Gaddy (1941 – 2023)
1959 White, William Terry (1941 – 2023)
1960 Rebecca Sue George Lowery (1942 – 2023)
1960 Billy Gerald McCutcheon (1942 – 2023)
1961 Scott Lawrence Hamilton (1942 – 2023)
1962 James Travis Rhea (1944 – 2023)
1964 Patricia Claire Smith Haney 1946 – 2023)
1964 Joseph Michael Braswell (1946 – 2023)
1965 Paul Kenton Helms (1947 – 2023)
1965 Daryl Ruth Lowe Camp (1947 – 2023)
1966 Judy Carol Hartsfield Grooms-Daniel (1948 – 2023)
1968 Kelly Mack Brown (1949 – 2023)

The link refers to their memorial on the FindAGrave site. There is also a link to each class Virtual Cemetery on that site. Some will not yet be complete, as there is a 3 month waiting period for recent deaths.

We mourn those we have lost and offer our deepest sympathy to their families and friends.

I am hopeful that with this new procedure we will be able to get information to you on a more timely basis.

Best regards to you all,

David Brown

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