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Thanking our Visitors

We could not let the day pass without noting that our Facebook page passed a notable mark today with a total of 600 users. We really appreciate you all and are glad that so many stay in touch. On behalf of Becky, Susan and myself, thank you for your participation. We appreciate the photos and […]

Just another test…

We’re getting there! I’m testing the Facebook page and mailing list. Sorry…I would limit the audience if I could. As an aside, I love this picture from Shannon. I hope to use it as a logo on future posts. It certainly does bring back memories. Just filling in here, because I want to put some […]

Grove Website Test Post

My current dilemma with the website is keeping up with Facebook. It’s been too easy to put things there, but I fear we are leaving out the non-Facebook users. This is a test post on the Grove website which I hope will result in a post on Facebook. I’ve contracted with an expert to help […]

Structural Issues with Grove Tower

For those of you who may have missed this, I thought you would like to know about problems with our beloved Grove tower. Structural issues have been uncovered which have forced staff to temporarily relocate. The historic tower was built in 1906 and now houses offices of Henry County Schools. Read the full article here… […]

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