Class of 1962 Luncheons

Lou Weeks
Lou Weeks with his son and daughter. (12/2020)

Time for a little good news for a change:

Those of us in the Class of 1962 are so fortunate to have the dedication of Georgia Lemmons, who tirelessly keeps us updated and schedules the monthly class luncheons. Last year, she was kind enough to re-schedule on of the luncheons to accommodate a visit from classmate Louis (Lou) Weeks, when she learned he was coming the following week.

Lou very much appreciated it and said, “I so enjoyed being able to join the CLASS OF ’62 group last month in my trip to Paris after almost 4 years. It’s comforting to “touch the roots” and reunite. I have reflected often on what a privilege it was to be raised by my depression era parents (2006 & 2010) in a wonderful place like Paris with good education and sound basic Christian principles (+plus Boy Scouts). We are all privileged and I am grateful.” Lou reminded us that he is on Facebook and happy to be “befriended”!

I’ve not been able to get back to Paris for a long time but hope to do so at some point in the future and enjoy one of these luncheons!

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