Site Updates on 7 Sep 2019

Several changes were made to the site this morning.

  • I decided to remove the windowed view of the original and accessible websites and am opening them both in a new window in full screen mode. This should improve readability and mobile phone access.
  • A “Search Site” page has been added to the window to help you find results on the original Grove site more easily.
  • Sample posts were created (see below)

I have created some sample posts , including the addition of some sample posts under the categories Accolades, Biographies, Events, History and Obituaries. More categories can be added, so we are not limited to just these. This will be the beginning of the structure I hope to use to make the site a little more self sufficient.

It is important for this site to continue, and one of the barriers has been the amount of involvement required on the part of the site caretaker or webmaster. Buddy was doing everything, with some help from folks like Lindell Chrisman and others, but still, I know it was a time consuming task. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not shy of doing work. But if we hope to get others involved, either to assist or as a successor, the task needs to be a bit less daunting.

Where I hope to go is to create a framework so that you, the user/visitor/part owner (this is, after all, our site!) can post important information here in the same manner as I am writing this post. We can accomplish this now in a limited way. All you have to do is click on the title of is post, and you will see a comment box. Just enter your comment there, it will come to me for approval and I will post it. So Stage I is complete.

Stage II: The next phase will be to give each of you access to post your own comments as a “post”, like this one, instead of just as a comment to a post. The difference is that as a vetted user of the site, I won’t need to curate the comments. That is a massive step forward, meaning that each of us can add the information we want our classmates and other members of our audience to see. This will be through the WordPress interface, but it is simple to use. If you can write an email or use a word processor, you’re in!

Stage III: I’d like to build on this capability by making it possible to post the comment by email or a simple online form, without even having to sign into the site.

As always, comments are appreciated!

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13 thoughts on “Site Updates on 7 Sep 2019”

  1. David, boy it is looking good. Your expertise is making the Grove site a pleasure to use. Much better than the old site. Thanks pal .

    1. Thanks, John! It’s a humbling experience. No matter how much you think you know, there is always something that tosses you a curve. But I love the challenge!

  2. David
    We owe you a ginormous THANK YOU for taking on this project to keep the Grove site functioning and the work to add value by making it interactive.

    I’m hardly an internet or website whiz but I certainly am willing to volunteer my time to help you in any way I can. The Grove site has been important to me over the years as a source of information and as a valued cultural reminder of my early years and the imprint Paris, TN left on me. I would like to see it continue and the ability to make comments is a great improvement over the just passive viewing of static info.

    I also was heartened to see that other class years may get involved.

    Let me know how I can help.

    1. Thanks, Rick, and thanks for the offer. I am hoping that all the classes will get involved and let others know who are not Facebook users.

    1. That’s great, Charlie! I hope other classes will email to their lists, too. The people we want to let know about this aren’t on Facebook.

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