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Dear readers, I’ve been a bad webmaster! I have allowed myself to send you the good news, happily letting you know about some of the reunions and other “nice” things that have been going on. But sadly, we have had bad news, class deaths, since the last ones I last posted on the site.

I have been placing them on the Grove Facebook page, but I know that many of you are not seeing them. So I apologize for that and promise to do better in the future. In fact I was shocked to see how long it has been since the last obituary was posted here, so I will have to resort to a list go get you caught up.

Just a reminder as to how our new procedure works: Since the beginning of 2022, we have moved our obituaries over to the Find-a-Grave website, Find-a-Grave is a part of the giant genealogical website,, and is used by hundreds of thousands of people across the world in their family history research. We have a Grove account on the site and are posting all obituaries there. Over the last year, Susan Stewart, not even a Grove graduate, but a good friend who many of you may know, has worked tirelessly to assure that all Grove class members are memorialized on the site. It is a big job and is not complete, but she has made great progress. Along with Susan, Freddie Webb and many of you, we are watching for obituaries of our classmates. When Susan creates a memorial, she lets me know so I can post it to Facebook and to the site. She adds a link to the appropriate class Virtual Cemetery, so you can easily go to your own class Virtual Cemetery to see links to memorials for those who have deceased.

We have 62 Virtual Cemeteries – one for each class beginning in 1908! Here is a link to the list of our Virtual Cemeteries. Take a moment to look at that list, and go to your class to see the members who are no longer with us.

Below is a list of classmates we know of who have passed from January 2022 till 16 April 2023, ordered by date of death with the most recent first. Each name is a link to their memorial on the Find-a-Grave website:

Class Name and Link
1955 Nelda Fay Smith Pinson (1936-2023)
1959 Mary Drucilla “Dru” Helms Owens (1940-2023)
1962 Don F Provine (1944-2023)
1952 William Harlen “Bill” Johnson (1934-2023)
1965 Judy Elaine Allen Reeves (1947-2023)
1964 Gary Kendall “Mike” Brookshire (1946-2023)
1966 Jesse Daniel Henson (1947-2023)
1968 Robert Franklin “Bob” Shankle (1950-2023)
1968 Larry Nories Wilson (1949-2023)
1961 Terry O’Neil Pierce (1943-2023)
1943 Julia Carolyn “Cissy” Wright Gilchrist (1924-2023)
1952 Marilee Tayloe Burton Bullock (1934-2023)
1960 Jon Michael “Mike” Robinson (1942-2023)
1963 Eva Marcettia Morris Norwood (1945-2023)
1967 Marcia Diana Hazelwood Owens (1948-2023)
1955 Edmund Palmer “Ed” Tayloe Jr. (1937-2023)
1960 Joyce Margaret Phelps Bell (1942-2023)
1959 Patricia Louise “Patty Lou” Field Willoughby Woodward (1940-2023)
1968 James Kenneth “Kenny” Paschall (1950-2023)
1953 Mary Elizabeth Scott Laster (1935-2022)
1957 Roy Dennis Graham (1938-2022)
1968 Buford Belmont “Monte” James Jr. (1950-2022)
1950 George Milburn Covington (1932-2022)
1948 Betty Joy Hastings Paschall Nixon (1930-2022)
1960 James William “Jim” Hayes (1941-2022)
1959 Ronnie Walker “Ron” Davidson (1941-2022)
1962 Ruby Leigh Cook Berry (1944-2022)
1945 Blanche Olivia Snow Stewart (1926-2022)
1965 John Leonard Sheeley (1947-2022)
1966 Gary Mack Lindsey (1948-2022)
1967 Larry Thomas Raines (1949-2022)
1941 Mittie Lawrence Bomar Dick (1924-2022)
1964 James Ronald “Ron” Lowe (1946-2022)
1950 Margaret June Caldwell Hanlin (1932-2022)
1952 William Marvin “Bill” Bigham Jr. (1934-2022)
1949 Shirley Winifred Carter Casey (1931-2022)
1944 LaVerne Morris Hopkins (1925-2022)
1958 Jerry Dudley Paschall (1940-2022)
1950 Dr Horace Ray Adams (1932-2022)
1966 Robert Henley Tyler Jr. (1947-2022)
1957 Patsy Ann Latimer Oliver (1939-2022)
1967 Larry Joe Hastings (1949-2022)
1960 James Dwayne Hunter (1942-2022)
1954 Dorothy Jean “Dot” Owen Sykes (1936-2022)
1960 Austin Comer Perry Jr. (1942-2022)
1967 Frederick Newton “Fred” McLean (1949-2022)
1954 Dr Loran Martin “Hank” Snow (1936-2022)
1947 Billy Gene Cronin (1928-2022)
1947 William Raymond Balch (1929-2022)
1959 Howard Talmadge “Hal” Rice (1941-2022)
1947 Marjorie Lilly Crowder Ward (1929-2022)
1955 Ruth Elizabeth Futrell Yancy Redmon (1937-2022)
1956 Helen Kimmons Powell (1938-2022)
1968 Sandra Marie Bomar (1950-2022)
1965 Thomas “Tommy” Markham (1946-2022)
1963 Charles Alfred McLane II (1945-2022)
1947 Herman Jackson Jr. (1929-2022)
1957 Dewey Gordon Cox (1939-2022)
1955 Edmond Earl Kent (1937-2022)
1957 Ronnie Webb “R W” Bell (1938-2022)
1949 Rollie Tichenor “R T” Miller Jr. (1931-2022)
1956 Sylvia Jeanette Crews Powers (1938-2022)
1963 Robert Euel “Bobby” Broach (1944-2022)
1959 Michael Gregory Nabors Sr. (1941-2022)
1954 MCPO Philip Elroy Berkley (1936-2022)
1955 Sandra Scott Johnson (1936-2022)
1957 James Walter “Jim” Gillespie (1939-2022)
1959 Sandra Lynn Gatlin Lashlee Rogers (1941-2022)
1965 Ronnie Wayne Scott (1947-2022)
1957 Frederick Richard Hamblen (1939-2022)
1956 Norma Jean Bedwell Spaulding (1937-2022)
1959 Thomas Kay Berry (1941-2022)
1962 Deborah Kay Pierce Graham (1944-2022)
1948 Ann Travis Brown Brown (1930-2022)
1954 Shirley Ann Melton Sliger (1936-2022)
1961 James Edward Keene Jr. (1942-2022)
1963 John Harold Harding (1945-2022)
1957 Curtis Leroy Parish (1938-2022)
1965 James Lewis Covington (1947-2022)
1947 James Buchanan “J B” Latimer (1930-2022)
1963 Mary Lee Highfill Hosford (1945-2022)
1943 Robert Kendall “Bobby” Thompson (1925-2022)
1943 Anne Wilson Blanton Crosswy (1925-2022)
1957 Gene Wesley Scoby (1939-2022)
1965 Donald Ray Peery (1946-2022)
1965 Sharon Lynn “Bobo” Griffin Gamble (1947-2022)

Notes: For those who are “recently deceased,” a placeholder page is posted. Full pictures and obituaries are made available approximately 90 days after death. If any links here do not work or you need further information or clarification, please contact me.

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