60th Grove62 Reunion

Photos from 60th Reunion of Class of 1962

60th Grove62 Reunion
Louis Weaks, Carroll Lashlee and David Brown at the 60th Reunion for Grove Class of 1962

The 60th Reunion of the Grove Class of 1962 was held last weekend (September 17, 2020) at Mustos Italian Grill in Paris. We had a good turnout, about 35 folks, including guests. Thanks to all who attended, and we were sorry for those who weren’t able to join. Many people have said it was a big success, and from our perspective, we had a great time! Best of all, we now have pictures!

NOTE: Some photos have names! Click on the photo and then the little “i” in a circle at the top. This opens the information window, and any names will appear if added. And if you see someone you know without the names, please let me know!

Several attendees took pictures, and they have been combined into a collection in this Google Photos Album

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One thought on “Photos from 60th Reunion of Class of 1962”

  1. Looks like the 60th reunion was a great success. I apologize for not being able to join all of you. I had made plans to do so but had hay on the ground that need to be rolled (that’s right, I’m still farming and working 61/2 or 7 days per week, cattle and hay don’t seem to pay any attention to my personal desires, days of the week or holidays etc.)
    Thanks for sending the great pics, I recognize several of you, but some I can’t put the right name on the right pic. I’ll see if I have a recent pic and can figure out how to put it on the web site.
    Thanks to all who worked on organizing the reunion.

    Ed Bevill

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