This site is intended to maintain the history and data of the original E.W. Grove website, which was first started in 2001. Only minimal changes required to maintain functionality have been made, so the site you see is as close as possible to the site as it was in 2018 when it was moved to this service. You can view the original version of the site here, just as the authors intended it to be seen, with all data and including page textures and fonts as originally selected. : Click here to view the original site.

Many of you who are reading this are probably seniors (And I don’t mean in high school!), and some may have some difficulty reading the original site with some of the textures that were used when it was created. We have created a more readable version using similar colors, but in which most textured backgrounds have been removed to enhance readability. You can see our new “accessible” version here: Click here to view the “accessible” version of the site.

Both version include all the original content and are now mobile-friendly to the extent possible. Your comments are always welcome!

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Note: Duplicates from the "clear" and "original" sites may appear, however the content should be the same in both instances.

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