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I Have Seen Devils, Pigeons, And You!

JHS: The Heir To The Hill -
Ten Years Have Seen Much Activity

Here I stand looking back over my glorious history and reluctantly facing my terrible ending. Oh, yes, I know time changes all, but why me? I have shared the students' victories and defeats in many football games. I have stood patiently and stretched over hills and trees to see the Homecoming Royalty faithfully every year.

I've stretched my neck to see the band rehearsing on the parking lot and football fields Monday through Friday from August to the close of football season for about twenty years now. I have tried to comfort unhappy cheerleaders and fans when the team had a bad season or the championship was lost. I could hardly do anything but stand erect so they could look at me and see that the future lay before them untrodden. I have had my bad times too. For example, when the coal smoke fogged my windows and when the snow lay packed on me. I don't mean to complain but it surely does get hot up here in the middle of May just like it does on the track boys. Then the students leave me after May or June and come back the following September with a new flock of faces mixed with the old ones. But this year will be different.

There, will be no more silly sophomores, jolly juniors, and sophisticated seniors, only young seventh and eighth graders. No more seeing Junior-Senior Banquets, Senior Proms, Graduation nights, or anxious faces going to their own separate ways, instead only younger students working toward that parchment that they will receive in the "new" school.

But now all this must come to an end, because I no longer mean what I did over my three score length history. My symbol is being replaced with a much larger and more modem one. I guess I must graciously bow out and say, "Congratulation", to Henry County High School, because of progress. I will also say, "I wish you the best I have had, but deep down I know that will be impossible.





Grove Junior High was established in 1959. At that time we had a pep club, football team, a boys' and girls' basketball team, 6 cheerleaders, and a F.H.A. chapter.

In 1964 we had several teachers who are no longer here. Mrs. Hazelwood, who taught math, Mr. Phillips, who taught physical education, Mrs. Fish, who taught English, Mrs. German who taught reading, Miss Wall and Mr. Downey.

Three students received honors in the poetry contest. Among these were Franklin Clendenin, David Foutch, and Linda Johnsonius. Sandra Hixson was winner of the county spelling bee and represented Henry County in the Mid-South spelling bee in Memphis.

The Demons had a good year ( With the capable coaching of Coach Lowdy and Coach Casey they were really successful. Coach Phillips led the Demons and Demonettes through a successful season also. The Demonettes were defeated by only one team, and the Demons were undefeated.
Grove Junior High added some teachers in '65.

Mrs. Weaks and Mrs. Umbach became part of our English department. Mrs. Nova Montgomery was added to the math dept. as well as Mrs. Umbach. Mrs. Wood

was added as a physical education teacher. Mr. Nabors and Mr. Simmons moved into our science department. Mr. Loudy became a social studies teacher along with Mrs. Jewelle Montgomery and Mr. Robison. Mrs. Odom became our home economics teacher.

Honors were brought to junior high by ambitious students. Janet French was winner of both the county and district poetry contest. Bob Johnson brought acclaim to junior high by winning the optimist oratory award. Eddie Routon was the first freshman' ever to be initiated into the Thespian society. j Mrs. Pflueger was an addition to our English department in 1967. Mr. Bone became part of the faculty as a physical education teacher, and Mrs. Travis came to teach social studies.

The girls' and. boys' basketball teams met only one defeat, setting another great record.


"Pin The Tail On The Spy" Was Favorite Game For Devils in 40's

During World War II, Grove students were faced with many conflicts and decisions. Their recreation? Well...

The room is filled with bubbling teen-agers. The usual group characters emerge and begin their ritual of polite I conversation which hides their ! true identities. Everyone knows the wild tales being circulated concerning spies. So, everyone is glancing furtively to uncover the one in their midst. The same people are always suspected...

Eager Eddy --- he's the kind of guy who would do anything to please the crowd as long as he is the first.

Blushing Barry --- he's the stupe that sits around apologizing for his very presence.

Harassing Harold --- always the bully; biggest man around as long as everyone is smaller than he is.

Lovely Linda --- most attractive person in existence, especially to herself.

Naive Nancy --- Little Miss Innocence with the guilty conscience.

Oddly enough this game of spy recognition was played by one person at a time. No one could be trusted; therefore each person believed he was the only patriotic person at the party. Needless to say, no spies were caught!


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