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Did We Really Begin With
Chill - Or "Till"-Tonic

Friends-has your get-up-and-go got-up-and-went? Do you mope around day after weary day feeling run down and miserable? If so, take Lotireg. Lotireg is a new discovery to help you regain your old get-up-and-go. 'Don't forget, Lotireg is Geritol spelled backward.

Friends-do you sleep as well as you would like to each night or do you lie in bed thinking the sun will never come up? I used; to feel the same way until I discovered Xenemos. It is a new; discovery to help you sleep for hours and hours. But-if and when you do wake up-you'll feel wonderful. Don't forget -Xenemos is Somenex spelled backward.

Friends-do you feel that you have about shot your wad? Do you feel like a horse just stepped on you? If so, it may be that you need a tonic. There is a scientific name for your condition-but we'll just call it exhausted corpuscles. Grove's Chasteless Till Tonic will help you feel better in no time. Remember, Grove's Chasteless Till Tonic is sold at your favorite Till Tonic dealers.

S. Suzy's Diary - '20

Here's a challenge for your imagination-The date is 1921, the age of ROARING '20's! The kids go to Grove and this is their good-time week-end.. (We're gonna take a peek into the diary of Swingin' Suzy, Grove's answer to Thoroughly Modern Millie.)

Friday afternoon-Well, diary, it's that time again! The week-end is beginning! I've got to rush cause Bippo Bob will be here soon. You remember him, dear; he's the slick cat from State University who insists on taking me out. Gottarun now...

Saturday morning-Sorry I couldn't write last night and tell how it went with Ole Bippo. We slicked the floor at the "Pink Kitty" (that's only THE place to go). He wore his raccoon coat and I wore my same old flapper.

Saturday night-Diary, how could I have been so ignorant! I mean nobody falls for a college cat, or at least not and let it be known. I can't help myself though; the "children" I go to school with are so dull! Take Harold-he doesn't know anything (He doesn't even know the Charleston.) Then there's Charley; he's the town gangster (who wants to date a maniac?)

Sunday afternoon-Today was pretty good, I got some ideas for my English composition while we were out today. Guess I'd better finish my homework before Tyrant Tillie rushes in for the kill. Oh, yea, I've gotta let the hem out of my dress before the principal (Roy Roughtime) sends me home.

Swingin' Suzy may not be thoroughly typical, but she exists today among the Plain Pat's and Hero Harry's.




Dear Pru...

                                                  May 16, 1907

Dear Prunella,

This new school is absolutely grand! Everyone is so proud of its bright, modem features. The hardwood floors are shiny and new and the brick walls seem indestructible. I overheard a man who had worked on its construction comment that he thought the building would still be in use a half a century from now. My goodness, how some people do exaggerate! Why don't you try to come for a visit soon and 111 show you our new school? Perhaps your papa will let you come in your new buggy and hitch up Bessie and Flossie. How grand! If only you didn't live so far away - we could have grand times. Oh, why must you live in Cottage Grove?!

A football team is being organized here and the boys think it is absolutely grand! They will call themselves the "Chill-tonics" and wear the most adorable uniforms. They are striped round and round and are really grand. Sometimes I wish we girls could wear something like that instead of these old skirts that I am forever tripping over. Oh, how indecent! I'm glad you aren't here to see me blush.

Oh - the most horrible thing happened - the principal caught one of the boys smoking in the rest room! Imagine! There was quite a scandal and all the girls were shocked and embarrassed. The teachers have all tried to keep it hush-hush.

I just know we are going to have a GRAND time when you come to visit me at Grove, so try and make the trip soon.

Your friend,
Luella Ann

Ever With Me

Always with me and ever to abide
As all time deepens with each rising tide,
Is my joy of youth by thoughts and mem'ry,
And of my days at Grove; ever with me.
Swift to its close now, remember each day
For our glories at Grove will soon pass 'way
Changed by age is Grove, it's easy to see.
Memories, they change not; ever with me.
Old Grove saw many a passing hour
Chased were ills by its mighty power
Soon to dependent on memories. My joy through cloud or shine; ever with me.
Cherished by my heart and guiding my eyes,
Shinning through the dark, pointing to the skies
Thoughts of Old Grove High make all shadows flee
Treasure I my memories, ever with me.

~ Jennifer Brown


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