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Grove Defeats

Huston Hemdon's Humboldt Rams baseball squad came ramming into town Friday after-noon and when they returned to their fair little city, they had another defeat chalked up on their sporting record, for Coach F. D. Robison's Grove Chill Tonics plastered the visitors with a 10-9 defeat in a ten-inning game on Barton field.

Sonny Humphreys, local centerfielder, broke up this very interesting game of baseball with a nice, long triple to right field in the 10th, a mate, Kenny Daniel, aboard. Daniel scored for the winning run and the game was officially placed on ice.

Lester Kidd Neese pitched five innings and then gave way to Caudle. Neese showed a world of "stuff" during the first innings of the game, but his mates did not back him up to a standard. Caudle, sophomore sensational right-hander, follow-ed Neese and gave up only three runs and four hits in the three innings that he pitched.

Neese, who had been playing right field and shortstop, came back into the box in the ninth and finished the game, getting credit for the victory.

This melee was a loosely played affair with both squads showing lack of practice. Grove, however, showed more natural ability and that is probably one of the main factors in their win.

Kenneth Clayton, team captain who does a little work around the initial bag, was the fielding star of the game. Clayton's cool-headed fielding saved the inexperienced infielders many errors. Clayton also helped himself to a double and a single in his turns at bat.

Blease McAbee did good work behind the bat. He caught both pitchers with great ease and drove in two runs in the third inning with a two-bagger. His outstanding play at the plate kept Humboldt from untying the score in the first half of the tenth inning.

Lester Kidd Neese showed good control and seems to be the best bet of the Grove squadron of hurlers. Caudle also showed good control and a nice curve in the three innings that he hurled.

Couch, Lambert and Stiles were best for the visitors, while Humphreys and Clayton showed way to the Grove hitters.

This was the opening game of of the season for both teams.

Starting line-ups: ,

Humboldt     (9)       Grove     (10)
Patterson     SS      B. Neese
Couch          LF        Daniel
Wray           CF        Humphreys
Lambert       3B      Seymour
Browning     C        McAbee
Moppin          P         L' Neese
Stiles (C)     1B      Clayton (C)
Smith           2B        Wendling
Eaves            RF        Farmer

Score by innings: Grove          013004001 1-10
                                Humboldt   2210110200- 9
Umpires: Brockwell and Snow



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Chapel Program To
George Washington

On February 19, 1931, in the auditorium of Grove High School a program was held as a memorial to George Washington's 199th birthday. Kenneth Clayton presided. The program opened with the student body singing "America, the Beautiful." Then Viron Beard gave a very interesting talk on what different authors have said about Washington. Lucile Trotter told of the contribution that Washington made to America.

Kenneth Clayton then introduced the main speaker of the morning, Dr. Richard N. Owen. He gave us a very interesting life of the "Father of Our Country." He described Washington as a soldier and also as a leader of peace. Washington was: "First in war, first in peace, and first in the love of his countrymen."

Neo-Pythagorean Club

The Neo Pythagorean Club met March 4 and an interesting program was given. First Viron Beard gave "Life of Florian Cajoie." "Einstein" was then discussed by Thomas Greer. Next Earl Hinchey gave some practical mathematical pro-blems.

The club met again on March 18. Hottle Sager discussed the life of Napier. Then Katty Snow gave a report on "Napier Rods." The last number on program was "The Origin of Hinder Arabic Numerals," by Ocie Mai Owens.

Cards And Invitations

The Seniors have received their invitations and cards. The invitations are very attractive, having a steel engraved reproduction of Grove at the top.

Commencement Dates Set

The two most important events of commencement week have been definitely announced. The baccalaureate sermon will be preached Sunday, May 10th at the First Baptist Church by Dr. Richard N. Owen, the pastor. Commencement program, including the class address by Dr. C. C. Daniel, the valedictory address by Maurice Martin and the salutatorian's address by Miss Rosalind Rogers, will be held Thursday evening, May 14th, at the First Methodist Church. School will close Friday, May 15, and during the last week there will be other commencement events including class day at the school building. Miss Vida Miller has been elected the class giftorian. Misses Dorothy McCall and Katherine Wheatley writers of class song, Julia Sensing author of class prophecy and Woodie Lou Riddick, class historian.



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Grove To IssueAnnual Soon!

The Grove Seniors have begun their annual for 1932 with a staff chosen by the faculty. Up until March Mr. Smith and the teachers felt that on account of the depression an annual would be too expensive to make. However, after the majority of the Seniors showed that they were eager for an annual and that their parents were backing them, it was finally permitted.

The staff chosen was:
Editor.................................. Nell Currier
Associates.............................. Annie Rogers
William Irion
Athletics ............................ John W. Province
Club .............................. Christine Sweeney
Class .................................... Julia Irion
Joke .................................. Emily Warren
Tansil Dudley
Feature.............................. Richard Dunlap
Statistics.............................. Ouida Cantrell
Picture ............................... Elaine Gregson
Business .......................Sonny Humphreys, Mgr.
Chas. Currier  ~  Paul Armstrong
Ted Chamber  ~  Elizabeth Womack

County Court Accepts
Mr. Grove's Proposition

On Monady, January 5, the members of the Henry County Court, met and enacted a law which will be a part of Henry County's History. A resolution accepting the proposal of Hon. E. W. Grove to erect several new buildings at the school In memory of his father, the late E. W. Grove, Sr., came as a surprise to those interested in the advancement of the school. It had been understood for some time that some action would be taken at this session of court in regard to Mr. Grove's proposal, but owing to condition; throughout the county, some feared that the court would not act favorably at this time.
The proposed buildings include a fully equipped manual training and commercial departments. The only requirement was that the county court agree to maintain the school as a first class grade school.


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