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Heritage   Of  Wisdom 
Is  Shown  In  Her  Editorials

1907-Paul E. Doran
"Think twice before you use it (ridicule), and haply you may save yourself from mocking one, the hem of whose garment you are not worthy to kiss." 1912.1913-Hillman Moody
"The chief and usually the only criticism on Grove School is the lack of school spirit."

1913-1914-Diana Matthews
"Many things seem to indicate success for this year. The faculty is the same as last year, and from experience we have found them to be about the best corps instructor Grove School has ever had."

1917-1918-Elsa Ezell
"A boy or girl who does not stand behind his or her school is just as much of a slacker as a person who refuses to stand by his country. When a boy enrolls himself as a student of a school, he becomes a part and parcel of the school-a single unit, so to speak, belonging to the complete whole."

1918.1919-Clinton Matthews ,
"The friends made in high school days are the best and; dearest friends ever made and it' Is a long time, if ever, that we see each and everyone after graduation."

1918-1919-Edith White
"To this school we are so indebted. To the teachers we owe so much credit. We appreciate their unbound interests and untiring efforts for us. In later days many of us will look back and realize that from these teachers we received the inspirations of our lives."

1930-1931-Maurice Martin
"It's true that all the buildings are crowded and the classes are rather large but there are no marks or prints on any walls, paper is rarely seen on the floor and on the grounds, and the school as a whole is in a very sanitary condition."

1940-1941- (no name included)
"This five letter word called H-0-N-O-R is a very simple little word, but how many of us keep this simple little characteristic as an unattachable companion."

1944-1945-Barbara Bigham
"People often think it is the supreme sacrifice to die in the heat of battle fighting for an ideal. Would it be harder to live for it?"

1950-1951-Martha Fitzsimmons
"Sometimes in our daily life, we lose sight of what we're really living for."

1952-1953-Joan Evans
great will take care of themselves." (Party Missing)

1953-1954-Frank Mason
"As the departing seniors travel life's path may they ever have their sights set on an anticipated goal. With enthusiasm maiy they seek until they find but always may their greatest pleasure be not in the end itself but in the attainment of that end."

1954-1955-Charles Franklin
"As he turns away from work, he will also turn away from life."

1956.1957-Camilla Cox
"In order to cope successfully with the confusing problems of existence we must meet the challenge to search for the truth, to weigh it, understand its complexities, to found our philosophy of life."

1957-1958-Ann Franklin
"It is not only important for us to decide the right answer but to stand our ground."

1961-1962-James Rhea
"The consequences of laxness and inhibition may well catch up with our country as well as the individual."

1963-1964-John Dale
"All the knowledge of the world is useless and is a help to no one unless it is someday applied."

1964-1965-Nan Lee
"Why can't we, as sensible American citizens, rid ourselves of senseless hatred and blind passions which spread like a raging plaque throughout our people more surely that the threat of enemy invasion? We must join hands in presenting a truly united front to the world."

1965-1966-Rhea Bucy
"Do not become bogged down with the mediocre: rise above it, for the experience of man teaches us that there lies the vitalism and vibrancy of life."

1966-1967-Lyndell Weaks
"School life teaches a vital sense of cooperation with fellow students, devotion to school. work and to ideals, great spirit,' and a sense of fair play, if we properly yield ourselves to the whetstone."

1968-1969-Eddie Reynolds
"Let the spirit of Grove be remembered as one that never ceased to exist until the first of June, 1969, and by then it will not be able to die because its fame will be too widely spread. Good luck Grove. The year is yours. History is yours. How will (balance of quote missing)


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I   Remember .......

Editors note the following are excerpts from letters from former editors of the Comet. The present staff is very grateful to these busy men and women who responded to their request for recollections of their days at Grove High School and for their pictures.)

1928-1929: Ernestine Turner
"But this is the twentieth century," we said in 1929. 'We are living in modern times.' So we proceeded to be modern. We wore short skirts, short hair, and rode around in cars with boys. A few people made dire predictions about our wild generation. Yet most of us were not wild and are respectable citizens.
"In 1969 my daughter will gradaute from high school. 'Times are different now,' her generation says, and certainly this is true. However the class of '69 and that of '29 look much the same. The girls are wearing short skirts, short hair and riding around in cars with boys. I hear ths same mutterings about the outcome of this way-out generation. The main similarity seems to me to be that the majority of each graduating class are fine people and good citizens."

1930-1931: Maurice Martin
"My wife (the former Helen Stovall, another Grove High alumnus) and I send greetings to all Grove High Alumni, and are sorry to note the passing of the Comet.

1931-1932-Blair Saiter
"My chief memories as editor of the Comet revolve around the financial difficulties we had. In 1932 money for advertising was scarce, but with the cooperation of friendly merchants and sponsors, we managed to get every issue published on schedule." i
1935-1936 Mary Evelyn Farrar
Impressions of Grove, 1931-1935
"Accepting the prestige of being Comet editor without really doing much work. . .(I remember Tom Flake and artist Roy Reynolds doing much of the work. Since we had no typing classes, the stencils were typed and run off by office help.)
"Ideals and ambitions.. .being satisfied with little.. .Enjoying life without having to understand it."

1939-1943-Alfred Dick
"I recall very vividly that Mr. Woodrow Dill, our faculty advisor did a great job pertaining to the coordination of activities regarding the Comet. Mr. Dill was well liked by all of us, and 1 cannot recall any 'trying times' pertaining to publication of the Comet."

1941-1942 - Gene Martin Lasater
On looking back over some of the o!d issues of the Comet and comparing them with the publications from the schools that my children attend, it is obvious that the Comet was a fine high school paper and worthy of comparison with the publication from schools many times the size of Grove."

1942-1943 -Cleo Wilder
"Your letter prompted me to go to my Comet file (I still have every issue of my four years) and stimulate my feelings of nostalgia. We managed to make it a rather enjoyable time in spite of "the war'. The things which I personally appreciate most from those years are the good relationships I had with Grove teachers and with my fellow students."

1945-1946 - Rozanne Clark
"This year was the first after the conclusion of World War 11. We still felt the effects of the paper and other shortages and of the rationing of gas, sugar and other commodities. However, the war was over'and we were without the fears and apprehensions that we once had felt."

1948-1949; "Bo" Brice
"To attempt to condense into one paragraph my recollections, impressions and meaningful experiences while at Grove High School would result in the longest single paragraph ever written. Suffice
it say that I can think of no more (some text missing here) during this time that I was able to establish the direction that my life has taken. The standards of excellence and superiority which have long been traditional at Grove, are, I think, unique in public education. The friends I made among the student body and the faculty had a most profound influence on me. One can never attempt to repay the full measure of what can be obtained in a situation like this. I am thankful that I was a part of this."

1949-1950: Margaret Anne McGehee
"The thing I remember most about the time when I was editor of the Comet was a memorial issue we printed celebrating the anniversary of the first football team ever fielded at Grove."

1950-1951 - Martha Sue Fitzsimmons
"As Comet editor, I remember a constant debate with my news editor (John Wilford, now a Space Editor for the New York Times) over the question of just what was news. Wilford's attitude of professional journalism - even at sixteen - insisted on news, facts, straight reporting, while some of us were convinced that nothing, but nothing, could be hotter news than reporting which steady couple had broken up, or who had a date with whom over the weekend."

1952-1953 -Joan Evans
"There's something about serving on a high school paper that gets in your blood. I went on to college at Lambuth and served as editor of the Visia there in 1955-1956."

1957-1958 -Ann Franklin
Even though this is the last edition, the Grove Comet will always remain a happy memory in the hearts. of Grove alumni, thanks not only to each of the hard working staff members, but also to Miss Aline Lowry, who endured many headaches, yet worked patiently and untiringly to inspire the staff to keep the 'paper rolling'."

1958-1959 - Dian Meese
"A little over ten years ago, while a student at Grove High, I was approached during the study hall period by a member of the Comet staff and was asked if I would submit an article to the paper-I turned in my article the following day-and shortly thereafter I was invited to become a member of the Comet staff-Little did I realize that my "article" would eventually lead me to editorship of the Comet."

1959-1960 - Bill McCutcheon
" It seems to be increasingly more difficult for me to remember my years at Grove. For me, then, to remember much about the days on the Comet staff is a task indeed. But, per request, a brief summary: settling down for a long night of putting the "Comet" to bed; and, finally, our farewell issue, with everything in it about the class of I960..EXCEPT the Last Will and Testament.. .which had somehow been misplaced."

1961-1962 -Jim Rhea
"Work on a newspaper aptly supplements the papers and paragraphs for class. An appreciation for deadlines, for the sensationalism in today's media, and for the problems in advertising is developed. The rationalization of similarity between 'All the news that's fit to print' and 'All the news that fits' is on layout home to the pupils at work on layout. Each stands in good stead when facing the challenges of college."

1963-1964 -John Dale
"All in all, I can truthfully say that I have a great deal of respect and admiration for many at Grove. I wish I had been mature enough to take better advantage of my opportunities."

1967-1968 - Bo Caldwell
"The one thing that is firmly embedden in my mind about Grove is the spirit which all the students possess, - only hope that each does his best to represent the standards the Grove High students should Present - The spirit that I remember


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