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   E. W. Grove High School has
long been most active in the
competitive areas of high school
activities. Long is the list of
winners and long is the list of
those who have had outstanding
honors bestowed upon them. We
would first of all like to mention
that it was impossible for us to
list every single activity and
honor; and that we had to
decide upon certain areas to put
the most research and reporting
   To further interest in all reels
of activity. Grove began to have
Inter-Class contests in 1931.
These contests were open to
music students, students
interested in public speaking,
and students interested in
dramatizing a reading. The
Inter-Class Contests placed
sophomores, juniors, and seniors
against each other in these areas.
The contests were usually
opened to the public and held
on Friday evenings.
   Every year there has been a
math contest for outstanding
math scholars of our state.
Grove has always been well
represented at these
competitions; but we were not
able to track down all the
information of the people who
did compete from Grove and
how well they placed. We do,
however, have a small list of,
people who have done well in
the field of geometry in recent
years. Rolland Weibley placed
third in geometry in 1965; in
1966 Mark Minton placed
second in geometry with
Franklin Clendenin placing
eighth. Then in 1967 Richard
Maxwell finished sixth with
Eddie Reynolds finishing ninth
in geometry. We do know that in
1968 Bruce Farris won first
place in advanced math
   Latin has added much to
Grove's list of competitive
events in the last years.
Beginning in 1956 Mrs. Smith
took her best students to
Memphis for the Mid-South
Latin Tournament. In twelve
years of competition
approximately eighty-four Latin
Scholars have won honors. In
1956 Martha Hamblen was the
first to gain recognition; she won
honorable mention in the Caesar
   In succeeding years, the
following students have won
honors at the Mid-South Latin
Cole; 1959-Jayne Ann Owens
and Cleta Tyler; 1960-Sheryl
Moody, Sandra Crockett, and
Virginia Chapman; 1961-Helen
Harding and Shiriey Lowry;
1963 - Chae Laird, Maureen
Manthey, Molly Van Dyke,
Richard Dortch, Theresa Collins,
Brenda Mathis, Aleda Hays,
Helen Harding, and Shiriey
Lowry; 1964-Rolland Weibley,
Sheryl Moody, Bobbie Ray,
Howard Vogel, Sheila Scott,
Earline Hill, Brenda Comer,
Larry Ashlock, and Chae Laird;
For 1965-Linda Hartsfield, Mark
Minton, Bruce Fairris, Rolland
Weibley, and Sheryl Moody;
1966-Nancy Phelps, Richard
Maxwell, Eddie Reynolds, Lynn
Paschall, Linda Haynes, Pat
Butler, John Jones, Alisha
Weber, Bobbie Greer, Norma
Brown, Amy Routon, Edie
McCutcheon, Rita Whitfield,
Carol Lockman, Wendy Schaal,
Mark Minton, Linda Hartsfield,
and Jeanette Wilson; 1967-Andy
Crews, Pam Solmon, Kathy
Killebrew, Rita Diggs, Sarah
Dunlap, Cathy Freeman, Helmut
Gluck, Nancy Phelps, Cindy
Hamlet, Pat Valentine, Mark
Brown, Beverly Shankle, Billie
Baldwin, Mike Coley, Brad
Crattie, David McMinn, Pam
Owen, Kathy Evans, Eddie
Reynolds, Lynn Paschall, Bobbie
Greer, Mike Noss, and Richard
Maxwell; 1968-Patsy Palmer,
Andy Crews, Sherry Nanney,
Janette Wood, Joanne Abbott,
Ann Wood, John Myers, Walter
Inman, Debbie Hays, Beverly
Shankle and Mike Noss.
   Grove has also been long
noted for its outstanding FFA
and FHA chapters. The Grove
Chapter of FFA has taken part
in all activities since 1928. They
were among the first to receive
the FFA charter. The national
organization was originated in
November of 1927 and the Paris
FFA chapter received their
charter in February of 1928.
Some contests that FFA boys
take part in are: livestock and
dairy judging; land judging;
parlimentary law; which was
won by Paris in 1950 and in
1965-66; public speaking and
creed contests. There is also a
forestry camp and a proficiency
contest in which John Jones
won second place in West
Tennessee in 1968. The Grove
FFA boys have won many
honors throughout the years;
and again, we regret to say that
we were unable to find who all
the winners and their respective
honors were.
   Grove also finds in her midst an
outstanding FHA chapter.
Mrs. Reginia Whitfield came to
Grove in 1951 to take over the
sponsorship of the home-ec girls.
Under her guidance they have
brought many honors to Grove.
Many of them have been
outstanding in the Betty Crocker
Homemaker of Tomorrow
competition. Those who have
placed in the upper ten through
the years are Patsy McDaniel,
Cathy Elovitz, and Wendy
Schaal. Jane Smith went so far
as to place second in the nation.
   One of the newest additions
to Grove is the art department.
The first classes started in 1964
with only one section of Art I. It
grew from one section in 1964
to five periods a day with a total
of eighty-eight students. Art
came to Grove with Mrs. John
Underwood. Every year they are
very active in local art shows.
   In 1964 Allan Mustain won
"Best in Show" Murray
McKenzie Award. In 1967-68
Lynn Evans won "Best in Show"
Murray McKenzie Award. In
1968-69 Jan Owens won "Best
in Show" Murray McKenzie
   During 1967-68 there was
competition from nine counties
at the West Tennessee University
of Tennessee at Martin Show.
Kenny Snow placed second in
the painting division. Jackie
Seymour won third place in the
painting division; and Wanda
Conger received honorable
mention in the painting division.
Rankin Feezor won second place
in the black and white division.
   In the 1968-69 school year
senior art students entered the
Hallmark Contest, which was
won locally by Dixie Spaulding.
Her picture will now be entered
in other competition which
could lead to national
competition where prizes are up
to $500.00 scholarships.
   Grove has always been well
represented with students
entering selective colleges and
universities; and even military
academies. The most recent
additions to the Military
academies were Rolland Weibley
and Bo Caldwell. Bobby Mitchell
was also accepted by the Air
Force Academy.
   There have been several
National Merit Scholarship
finalists, among them were Gary
Ashlock and Sheryl Moody; with
Linda Hartsfield joining their
ranks in 1968 and Richard
Maxwell in 1969. Richard also
made one of the highest scores
on the ACT test to have been
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recorded at Grove. He made a
composite score of 32.

Countless numbers of Grove students have been awarded various scholarships through the years.
   In 1931 the Tennessee State
Dramatic League was
established. It offered for
competition the areas of original
oratory; dramatic interpretation,
humorous interp. extemp, and
debate. The students interested
in the speech fields were under
the sponsorship of Mr. Robison,
Mr. Weston, and Miss Harris. The
debate team of Dudley Porter
and Richard Dunlap won the
TSDL district contest held at UT
in Martin on the topic: Resolved
that chain stores are detrimental
to the best interests of the
American public. At the same
contest Eleanor Denslow won
dramatic and Charles Hendley
won original oratory. And with
those victories came the
beginnings of speech
competition by Grove students.
   In the United States there are
only three schools which have
been to more National Speech
Tournaments than the Grove
chapter of the National Forensic
League. The speech department
under the coaching of Mr. and
Mrs. Clem Krider have produced
winners every year. The list of
winners from all individual
contests is far too long to be
printed here.
   It all began in 1939 when
Doris McCutcheon went in
humorous and Mary Walterine-
Bomar went to the Nationals
held in Ohio. In following years
these students were qualified to
attend national tournaments:
1940-Doris McCutcheon, Mary
Walterine Bomar, and Marilyn
Mandle; 1941-Mary Walterine
Bomar, Darryl Wilson, Dorothy
Clary, and Anne Seay;
1944-Tom Mayo; 1945-Jim
Brice; 1946-Bo Brice;
1954-Robert Covington, Frank
Mason, and Larry McGeehee;
1955-Jim Townsend, Linda Beat
and Becky McClain; 1956-Nancy Krider; 1958-Nancy Krider, Suzanne Looney, Sandra Guinn and Jackie Irion; 1960-Nancy Krider, Suzanne Looney and Sandra Guinn; 1961-Jayne Ann Owens, Jim Rhea, and Bill Looney; 1963-Charlotte Owens; 1964-Suzie Abernathy, Janet French and Bob Johnson.
   National winners from Grove
contestants were: Suzie
Abernathy first place in
dramatic interpretation, and
Charlotte Owens second place in
dramatic interpretation, Mary
Walterine Bomar second place in
poetry, Jim Brice fourth place in
declamation, and Bo Brice
fourth place in declamation.


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