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A  Good-bye  Greeting  To  All

Three score and three years ago, our benefactor, Mr, E.
W. Grove, set forth upon a big hill a bigger mountain...

More than six decades ago a mountain with a core of
chill tonic and a landscape of concern for the youth of
Henry County was created - a landscape that soon
developed itself through education, experience, and
never ceasing energies. If a monetary value were set today
on the worth of such a landscape, the figure would be
infinite, for through the efforts of one, generations have

During less than three-quarters of a century the name of
E. W. Grove High School has become one of the revered
names that all wonder at and envy. Her students are the
ones who seem always to come in first place no matter
what the competition. From her band to her FFA
land-judging team, she seems always to excel above all
others. The "Hill" may be only the second highest point in
West Tennessee, but the Hill's spirit has always been at the
top. She has seen the good and the bad years, the trophies
and the "blues", and from both, her students have gained
lessons never to be forgotten. From her moose-head to her
antiquated band room, she brings nostelgia to all who hold
memories. Stairs that magnify footsteps tenfold and
windows that make everything on the outside dream-like
are among her resources. Her cheers, her slang, and her
dress have changed times and again with the fads, but all
have said the same creativity. Through her doors have
passed the genius and the dropout, the "all-around" and the
"care-not", the star and the little guy; and from each she
has gained something. Her towers and her desks have the
usual signs and carvings, but her heritage holds the true
past. Her yearbooks, her newspapers, and her memories tell
bits and pieces; but her products living in today's world give
the full story. From books, she has learned; from
experience, she has produced. The tower, the echoing halls,
the pigeons - this is Grove. But we the students, we are
Grove, too.

All of this is fast becoming the past. Soon an outdated
school with thick walls of dull gray, crumbling plaster, and
as always, cooing pigeons will be all that is left of
yesterday's Grove, aside from the memories held of each.
However, no one can take away all that has been gained by
her past. Who can estimate the lives she and hers have
touched? Who knows the successes that have been caused
and the ruins that have been avoided through her steady,
patient guidance? Who can imagine the love, the
admiration, and the longing pains of remembrance her
name will always arouse for generations to come? This, too,
is Grove.

Yes, we all should hold countless memories, but we each
must remember the future. Tomorrow will depend on what
we do today. The accomplishments of E. W. Grove High
School have certainly been quite outstanding and
memorable for any school, but why should they stop now?
With change can come improvement, and Henry County
High School can be even better. We must all turn our eyes
away from the merits of a hill and we must face the future
problems and potential of three circles. What we have
learned here as sophomores and juniors, we must put into
practice as seniors. What we, as seniors, have experienced
here, we must direct the future seniors of another
atmosphere in order that they might correct our mistakes
and enlarge our successes.

Ours is a heritage, but ours is also a promise. Tomorrow
lies open for discovery and we are the explorers. All it took
was a need, some initiative, and a little will-power, and a
better chill-tonic was discovered. The same formula works
today, and it will always work tomorrow. With this kind of
spirit, let us always keep the "Big Blue Breed" alive.

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Acknowledgement  list

In preparing this final memorial COMET, many have
spent long hours of research, interviews, and letter writing. To accomplish our goals, this staff has sought outside help in many cases. The following is a list of some of the people who have given much help by answering our questions and by providing us information, memories, and picutes. To these we say thank you.

Mrs. Catherine Hopkins
Miss Katheryn Cook
Miss Marian Cook
Miss Aline Lowery
Mrs. Louise Scruggs
Mr. Robert Williams
Mrs. Charles Pardue
Mrs. R. H. Rhodes
Miss Mary Sue Dunn
Mr. William Crosswy
Mrs. Arthur Dunlap
Mrs. Joe Ed Casey
Miss Lamar Roberts
Mrs. Grace Underwood
Mrs. Ruby Smith
Miss Joy Brashear
Mr. John Underwood
Mrs. James Calhoun
All Past Editors of the COMET


The Grove Comet

Editor-in-chief .................... Eddie Reynolds
Associate Editor .................... Patty Sonka
Sports Editor .................... . Greg Van Dyke
Assistants ............. John Leach, Nancy Flowers
Features Editor .................... Wendy Schaal
Assistants .......... Jennifer Brown, Kay Johnsonius,
Fran Weatherley, Helen Jane Wyatt
Advertising Manager ................ .Patsy McDaniel
Assistants ............. Kathy Neumann, Mike Coley,
Mike Nichols, Kathy Evans
Reporters .............. Rita Whitfield, Nancy Phelps,
Ann Laird, Sarah Elna Dunlap
Typists .............. Margaret Landrum, Judy French,
Sheila Norwood
Cartoonist ......................... Mike Casey
Junior High Reporters ........ Ton Wimberley, Amy Clark


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