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19     HISTORY of  SENIOR CLASS    17
By Edward Jenkins



AS we have watched each year the
arrival of each band of pupils who
came into the ranks of Grove and
took their places as members of
the well known class called Freshmen,
we have noticed the great amount of
interest created by the arrivals among
the other members of the school. And
our class of 1917, the Seniors of Grove
today, have been led to winder how
the school must have taken their ar-
rival into the life of Grove. Our class
came to Grove in the last part of the
year 1913, and the first part of the
year 1914. And what tortures those
who were ill fated enough to be Subs
suffered at the hands and mouths of
the then adored upper classmen. How
little Willie Hooten struggled against
the taunts of the long and lean Nut
Harris, who saw quite through the
deeds of the Sub-Freshies.

There was talent in such a class and
it was shown to the school when Mary
Sue and Lavinia made their first ao-
pearance upon old Grove rostrum. But
our life of sturt and strife soon came
to an end and we received the degree,
Sophomores. We can all remember
what a proud feeling we had when we
became Sophomores. But, because of
Miss Happy's English we soon came to
the conclusion that we really didn't
know a thing. Some of us can still feel
the effects of Smithy's Latin and we all
remember how Inza always missed her
lessons. And maybe some of us still
remember April Fool Day and the
grand stunt we pulled off, and I guess
we all remember how it came out. And
then we took another step up the lad-
der and became Juniors, just plain old
Juniors. This year was mostly a pe-
riod of preparation, it seemed, for the
to-be-Seniors. We remember yet the
jolly time had at the Junior-Senior
party, given at Margaret's home, and
though we hate to think of it, the
sad scene at Professor Robinson's de-
parture from Grove. But the next
year our class, the Seniors now, greet-
ed a new principal, Mr. Zimmerman,
and throughout the year he has splen-
didly rendered his services to our in-
stitution. It seems to our class now
that this last year has been the most
eventful of all. How we all grieved at
the breaking up of our dearly loved
societies and how we did fuss when the
periods were changed but we have
come through all our difficulties vic-

How can any of us ever forget the
pleasures and sorrows of our High
School life and how can we but realize
that the happiest period of our lives is
spent, and we hope not in vain?
Though but a part of the jolly crowd
that entered, for many have drooped
out, we represent the true ideals of
that class and we hope always to re-
member and be remembered by the
students and faculty of old Grove High


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