E. W. Grove  High  School
Principals  and  Teachers  ~  1906-1956


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Of the 16 former principals
who have served the school, only
five are still living. Three of this
number have accepted an invita-
tion to be here April 27. They
are: J. A. Barksdale, Cookeville,
Tenn.; Charles G. Pitner, Searcy,
Ark.; and Jerry Fitch of Nash-
ville. D. W. Moody of Gallatin,
Tenn. and Clovis Chappell of
Waverly, Tenn., complete the list
of those living. Dwight Norman
is present principal.

Beginning in 1906, when the
school was founded, a complete
rundown on former principals is
as follows:
1906-08 ~ Clovis and Ashley
Chappell (deceased). The Chap-
pells were co-principals.
1908-09 ~ Mr. Collins (deceased).
1909-11 ~ Mr. 0. A. Bowden (deceased).
1911-16 ~ Mr. W. T. Robinson (de-
1916-18 ~ Mr. Zimmerman (deceased).
1918-19 ~ Mr. D. M. Clements (deceased).
1919-23 ~ J. H. Bayer (deceased).
1923-29 ~ C. B. Matthews' (deceased).
1929-34 ~ W. J. Smith (deceased). 1934-37,
Jerry Fitch. 1937-40, Earl Ron-
ton (deceased). 1940-43, J. A.
Barksdale. 1943-44, D. W. Moody.
1944-50, Charles G. Pitner.
1950 ~ Dwight N. Norman.


Teachers of Grove High School
are listed in alphabetical order,
with no attempt made at trying
to name them in the years they
were connected with the school.


Victor Alien
Mr. Arnold
Laura Snow Auston
Miss Barnes
Robbie Bayer
Betty Blake (Mrs. Charles Sorber)
Mrs. Sara Brandon
Julian Brewer
W. A. Bridges
Vassar Bright
Carroll Broderick
Fred Bryant
Virginia Bryant
Martha Cambell
Madie Caperton
Robert C. Carter
Rowe Chapman
Ashley Chappell (deceased)
D. Clovis Chappell
R. B. Chrisman, Jr.
Cathie Lee Clark
R. P. Clark
Brown Clayton
Zolan Clayton
John C. Cook
Marian Cook
Mrs. Cravens
Myrtle Cunningham
Nell Currier
Joe Davis
Leo Davis
Louise Davis
Melba DeFord
Mary Lou Diggs (deceased)
Nelle Diggs (Mrs Harry Kroll, Jr.)
Woodrow Dill
Eva Mai Dinwiddie (Mrs. J. P. Beasley)
J. W. Douglas (deceased)
Marvin Duncan
Mary Lavsnia Dunn
Mary Sue Dunn
Annie Edenton (Mrs. Ross Rogers)
Edith Edenton (Mrs. Joe Overtoil)
Esther Elam (Mrs. 0. E. Gilcrease)
James Enoch
J. Mayo Escue
Elsa Ezell (Mrs. Jack Holman)
Frank F. Fish
Ozane Flowers (Mrs. Lester Odom)
Ruth Frow
Loudelia Garner (Mrs. J. P. Dick)
Claire Gilbert
Bertie Greer (Mrs. Charlie Watkins)
Ms. Ernest Greer
Elizabeth Hall (Mrs. Milton Marshall)
Nell Hall (Mrs. John Vickery)
Ezell Harding (deceased)
Pritchett Harrison (Mrs.) H. E. Harvell
Emily Hastings (Mrs. Fred Clark)
Julia Hensler (Mrs. Alfred Roebuck)
Gladys Holliday (Mrs. Clark Hunter)
Mrs. Albert Hopkins
Solan Hutson,
Robert M. Jelks
Mrs. Jack Jones,
L. 0. Jones
Mable Jones
R. G. Judd
S. B. Keathley
Leonard Lackey
Nell Lett
Grace Lewis (Mrs. John Rison, Jr.)
Venice Lovelady
Aline Lowry
Sam McClanahan
Mr. McCloud
Mrs. Mary McCullar
Pearl McGehee (Mrs. W. I. Dale)
D. 0. McNeely (deceased)
Kenneth McRee
Grace McSwain (Mrs. Carroll Andrews)
Tipton Masterson
Diana Matthews (Mrs. Richard Rhodes)
J. H. Medlock
Johnny Miller
Mrs. Mary Miller
Mrs. D. W. Moody
Dathol Morgan
Lucy Morgan
Mary Beth Morris (Mrs. R. G. Fish)
Sue Bell Nance
Mary Kate Newbern
Happy Newell (Mrs. W. H. B. Greer) deceased)
Robert Earl Odom
Mrs. E. S. Outland
Charlotte Owens (Mrs. Barker)
H. E. Owen
Charles T. Pardue deceased)
Mrs. Charles T. Pardue
Mary Elizabeth Parker
Myrtle Parke (Mrs. John Richardson)
Annie Lee Paschall (Mrs. Carson Pitt)
George Patterson
Katherine Peeler (Mrs. John Barnhlll)
Robert Perkins
Mrs. Robert Perkins
Charles G. Pitner
Mr. Pitt
Katherine Porter
Mrs. Wade Alexander
Talmadge Powell
Regenia Presnell
Agnes Purvis
Kate Rickman (Mrs. Foley Snyder)
Powell Rickman
Cathleen Riggs
LaMar Roberts
Byron Robinson
G. Dan Robison, Jr..
W. F. Rogers,
Earl G. Routon (deceased)
Richard Rushing
Nell Saisbury (Mrs. Cooper Miller)
Andrew Settles
Kenneth B. Sidwell
Janet Sharp
Mrs. S. Slayden
Charles G. Smith
Mrs. Charles G. Smith
Mrs. Julian Smith
Mrs. W. J. Smith
Merle Snow (Mrs. J. W. Stout)
Homer Spain
Fannie D. Stephenson
(Mrs. Richard Smith)
Steele Stephenson (Mrs. Weldon Howell)
Brady Taylor
J. C. Taylor
Ruth Taylor
Katie Lee Thompson
Louise Turner (Mrs. A. G. Landon)
Mary Agnes Turner (Mrs. George Bailey)
Margaret Webber (Mrs. Charlie Trevathan)
Anna Weige
Mable Ray Wells
A. S. Weston (deceased)
Pattie White (Mrs. Ike Jones)
Robert C. Williams
Charles Wilson
Mary Frances Word
Irene Wynn (Mrs. Ritchie Vowell)
Marjorie Wynns (Mrs. Stevenson)



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