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squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the May 10, 2006 Edition ~  50  YEARS  AGO

Two special awards were presented at a meeting of the Paris
chapter of Future Farmers of America. Grove High School principal
Dwight Norman was made an honorary chapter farmer and Byron
Owens ('56) received the DeKalb award as the outstanding senior member
of the chapter.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the May 10, 2006  Edition ~ 75  YEARS  AGO

Atkins-Porter graduated 81 students from junior high. Class offi-
cers of the eighth-grade class of 1931 were Charles Neese '35),
president, and Frances Irwin Thomas ('35), Dorothy Williams ('35),
W.D. Anderson ('35), Arthur Morris ('35) and John Howard Pulley ('35).

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the May 4, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO
Honor students at Puryear High School were valedictorian Ora
Mae Pascho, salutatorians Billy McElroy and Linda Hart. Sched-
uled speakers for the baccalaureate service was the Rev. O.E. Turner
and former Gov. James McCord would deliver the commencement

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the May 3, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Linda Taylor was named valedictorian of the graduating class at Henry High School. Salutatorian was Janet Hays.

The Henry High School junior class presented a three-act comedy, "Fresh As A Daisy." In the cast were Weldon Bowers, Jarutha
Smith, Betty Rawls, Margaret Parker, Danyl Dunlap, Joe Hamlin, Shirley Emerson, Rebecca McCoy, Ann Scott, Ann Dinwiddie and
Jerry Murray.

Bob Cole ('38) became the sole owner of the Chrysler-Plymouth dealership here when he bought the interest of D.B. Owens. The business
had been established 10 years earlier. Bob Cole was a Grove High School graduate and a Navy veteran of World War II. He was a member of
First Baptist Church and married to the former Carrye Humphreys ('42).

Mittie Jo Ellis ('55), Patsy Hill ('52) and Ann Shivers ('52) were named to the dean's list at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the May 3, 2006 Edition 75 YEARS AGO

Prof. W.C. Flowers took his students at Fairview High School in the old 23rd District on a picnic. Attending were Emma Odom, Corinne Odom, Madona McDaniel, Louise Salyers, Lucille Robbins, Pauline Herndon, Warden Culpepper, Chester Weldon, Sedwick Chaldler
and Alex Culpepper.

The Grove baseball team was laying claim to the best in West Tennessee after walloping Jackson High 22-9. Billy King ('33) started on
the mound and allowed virtually nothing before being relieved by some experimental pitchers who let in some runs. Grove was looking
forward to a doubleheader with Memphis Messick.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the April 25, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Susie Lax, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stonewall Lax ('30*), was named valedictorian of the class of 1956 at Buchanan High School. Salutatirian of the class wasPatricia Howard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Howard.
(*1930 Grove Graduate)

Camille Todd ('60), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Todd, won the Tennessee state spelling bee championship in Memphis and was fourth in the mid-south competition. She represented Atkins-Porter School.

William Hall Puckett ('45) earned a bachelor of engineering degree from Vanderbilt University. He was the son of C. M. Puckett of Blakemore Street.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 25, 2006 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Prof. W. J. Smith was re-elected principal at Grove High Schoolfor the third time. He had succeeded C. B. Matthews in 1929.

Five members of the vocational agriculture class at Grove attended a state convention in Nashville. Included were Joe Mims ('31), Jimmie Diggs ('31), Luther Diggs ('32), Joe Veazey ('33) and Nathaniel Rushing ('32). They were accompanied by their instructor, C. T. Pardue.

The Paris School Band returned from a state competition in Chattanooga with a trophy for second best in the state. The boys had been accompanied by Prof. W. J. Smith, Prof. C. E. Doran and the Rev. Algie C. Moore.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the April 26, 2006  Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Mittie Jo Ellis ('55) of Paris was initiated into Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at the University of Tennessee. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ellis.

An annual Grove High School junior-senior banquet and dance was held at Paris-Landing Inn. Junior class president Mickey Norman ('57) greeted the seniors and senior class president Ralph Chesemore ('56) responded. Coach Andy Settles brought the invocation, Sellers Leach and his Aristocrats played for the dance that followed

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 26, 2006  Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

The junior class of Hazel High School entertained the seniors with a night out in Paris. After taking in a picture show at the Capitol Theater the group enjoyed an ice cream course at Lannom's Sweet Shop. Tables there were decorated with spring blossoms.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 17, 2006  Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perry honored the Grove boys basketball team with a buffet supper featuring fried chicken and country ham. Attending were coach Homer Spain, Carney Murphy ('56), Walter Brewster ('57), Tommy Higgs ('57), Jack Nichols ('58), Mickey Norman ('57), Maurice Fields ('56), Edward Scott ('57), John Redmon ('57), Pete Perry ('56), Peggy Perry ('55) and Teresa Perry ('69).

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 17, 2006 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Graduation week plans were announced at Buchanan School. Dr. A. Homer Jordan of First Christian Church in Paris would preach a bacalaueate sernon and Congressman Gordon Browning would speak at a commencement.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 18, 2006  Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Carolyn Berry ('56) was chosen 1956 Hostess Princess of the World's Biggest Fish Fry. First maid was Emily Dunlap ('58) and second maid Suzanne Bennett ('58).

Rebecca McClain ('56), a Grove High School speech student, won first place in dramatic interpretation in a state contest and would compete in the nationals in Muskogee, Okla. in June. She was a student of Ruby Krider. Leon Ridgeway ('57) won a third place in oratorical declamation and the debate team of Terri Tribble ('56) and Camilla Cox ('57) reached the finals.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the April 13, 2006   Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

The Grove High School baseball team beat Humbolt 6-5 for the third victory in a row without a defeat. Billy King ('33) went the
distance on the mound for the locals and Neil Andrews ('31) was 3-for-3 at the plate while Sam Jones went 2-for-3.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the April 11, 2006  Edition ~ 25 YEARS AGO

The Grove Junior High School Beta Club presented proceeds from a bake sale to 2-year-old Audra Lee of Paris, a leukemia Out-
patient at St. Jude Hospital in Memphis. Pictured with Audra were Beta Club president Quincetta Thompson and other members:
Laurie Wheeler, Corey Delk and Joey Atchison. Also in the group was Audra's mother, Joanie Lee.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 11, 2006  Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Jimmy Berry ('55) returned to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth after spending Easter holidays here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Carlos Berry.

June Turner ('52) of Georgetown College in Georgetown, Ky. spent the Easter break here with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. 0.E. Turner

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 11, 2006  Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Senior class members at Grove High School were rehearsing for an annual class play, "It Won't Be Long Now." Leading roles were
being played by Sara Gaylor and Bert Freeman. Others in the cast were Viron Beard, Pearl Wiggins, Charles Hendley, Jimmie Diggs,
Vida Miller, A.T. Harris, Helen Smith and Zenona Faust.
(Note: This is the Grove Class of 1931. GO HERE for senior photo index.)

Some of the rural schools had reached the end of the spring term and were dismissed for the summer. Included were Buchanan,
Moore, Oak Hill, 13, Cottage Grove, Salmon, Fairview of the 23rd district and Manleyville.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 4, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Matinee Music Club sponsored a presentation by 13 local pianists at the city auditorium. Some of the musicians would be
included in ensembles of eight pianists on different pianos. Robert Covington ('54) was directing the event. Ushers were
Martha Porter ('58), Macia Cheek ('58), Barbara Jelks (58), Ann Gaddy ('56), Pat Taylor ('56), Emily Dunlap ('58)Camilla Cox,
Suzanne Bennett ('58) and Jan Nichols ('58).

A front-page picture illustrated the cast of a play, "Twelve Angry  Women," which was in rehearsals at Grove High School. Included;
were Emily Dunlap ('58), Helen Kimmons ('58), Kate Hamilton ('58), Becky McClain, Barbara Jelks ('58), Wanda Adams, Terri Tribble ('56), Suzanne Bennett ('58),  Pat Taylor ('56), Linda Bell ('56), Sandra Lee ('58) and Diane Neese.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the April 3, 2006 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

The annual who's who of the senior class at Grove High School was chosen. Included were Vida Miller and Neil Andrews, most
popular and most in love; Joe Mims, best all-round senior; Donna Postlethwaite, most dependable senior; Catherine Wheatley, most
musical; Woodrow Timmons, handsomest; Julia Sensing, cutest; Margaret Dunlap and Neil Andrews, most athletic; Curtis Carter,
merriest; Thomas Greer, biggest fusser; Jimmy Mansfield, wittiest; Herman Hull, biggest bluffer; Florence Winsett, most studious;
Maurice Martin, most intelligent; Dorothy McCall, biggest flapper; Curtis Carter, biggest shiek; Frances Hensler, best dressed girl; Joe
Mims, best sport; Pearl Wiggins, daintiest girl; Helen Smith, biggest talker; Jimmy Mansfield, most original; and most school spirit,
Helen Smith.

(These are seniors of 1931 ~ GO   HERE  for page 1 of the 1931  Who's  Who.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the March 22, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Paris School Band members, led by William Crosswy, bought a program to a Lions Club meeting.
Appearing were Mildred Luckey ('57), Dickie Bray ('57), Terry Blackwood ('58), Wanda Jackson ('56), Janice Hutson ('56),
Larry Paschall ('59), Billy Mustain ('59) and Tommy Berry ('59).

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the March 15, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Grove High School Blue Devil boys basketball team, under coach Homer Spain, became the third Grove team in history to gain
a berth in the state tournament. In the finals of the regional tourney, Grove handily beat Mason Hall 64-47. In the semi-finals of the
regional. Grove came from seven points down with 1:29 remaining to defeat the Trenton Golden Tide 58-56.

Robert Don Riley ('52) was named to the regimental staff of the Army ROTC unit at the University of Tennessee. Riley was a Cadet

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the March 14, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

George Whitfield ('54) was elected sergeant at arms of the agriculture club at the University of Tennessee Martin Branch. He was a
sophomore and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitfield.

The Paris Elks Lodge announced winners in a "Most Valuable Student" scholarship contest. First place winners of $50 each were Janice McCoy ('56) of Grove High School and Joe Neal Walker of Springville High. Second place awards of $25 went to Terri Tribble ('56) of Grove and
Sarah Ann Cox of Springville.

Grove High principal Dwight Norman announced plans for reunion of all alumni of the school on its 50th anniversary. A committee of three
teachers had been appointed: Mrs. R.G. Fish, Marion Cook and Mary Sue Dunn.  From the March 10, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the March 10, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Winners in an annual public speaking contest at Grove High School were Frank Hudson ('57), Charles Hill ('58), Larry Smith ('63),
Douglas Paschall, Gay Hill ('61) and Carol Moody (62).

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the March 9, 2006 Edition ~ 25 YEARS AGO

Incumbent vice mayor Joe Claxton and political newcomer Andy Hooper ('59) beat out two other novice candidates to win seats on the City
Commission in a low turnout election. Claxton was top vote getter and was the uncle of Hooper. Other candidates were Warner Haynes
and Mike Ainley.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the March 9, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Scott Fitzhugh, prominent Memphis attorney who had once practiced in Paris, died at age 67. The bridge at Paris Landing over Kentucky Lake
was named for him. He had been born near Dover.

Bailey Abernathy ('53), son of Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Abernathy of North College Street, was inducted into the Briaerian Honor Society at
Georgia Institute of Technology. The society of upperclassmen was based on high scholastic performance.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the March 9, 2006 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Landscaping and flower planting was under way on the Grove High School campus after a check was received from Edwin Grove,
son of the founder of the school. Mrs. S.J. Routon was in charge of the planting with the agriculture boys doing the work. The Lions
Club voted to replant a row of trees along the boulevard leading to the school, the originals having died out because of extended

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the February 28, 2006 Edition ~ 50 years ago

Gayle Guthrie ('54) of Paris was named treasurer of Zeta Tau Alpha social sorority at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She was
a sophomore in the school of business administration.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the March 2, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Charles S. Franklin ('55), son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Franklin of Paris, was chosen to outline programs of activities at the university center
at the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville. Franklin was a freshman in the school of engineering there.

Kenny Clayton's ('32) account of the Grove-Trezevant championship game in the 28th District championship said the Blue Devils came
out hotter than a depot stove and never allowed Trezevant to get into the game. Grove won 60-50 as Earl Wilson ('56) scored 32 points. Carney
Murphy ('56), Grove pivot, was a demon on the boards and scored 17 points himself. Paul Veazey ('57) added four points
and Maurice Field ('56) scored 3.

Former Grove football star James Cullivan ('41) was named football coach at Murray State College. Cullivan had gone to Murray State
on a football scholarship before entering the service in World War II, then returned to receive a degree. While at Murray as a student, he
was a member of the 1949 squad that won the Ohio Valley Conference championship and went to the Tangerine Bowl.


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