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squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the March 21, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Grove High girls and boys basketball teams were honored at a banquet hosted by the
Kiwanis Club. Coaches Homer Spain and Lamar Roberts and team members were guests. Spain
announced that team captain for the following yesr would be Mickey Norman ('57), with
Paul Veazey ('57) as Alternate.

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the March 21, 2006 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Hurbert Williams, who was attending Grove School in Paris, visited his parents in the
Old 23rd District over the weekend.

Mrs. James Vincent and Marianna Lasater were hostesses to an evening of bridge honoring
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchum Warren, who had recently moved here from Jackson. Game Winners
were Elsa Ezell, Newell Dunlap, Ben Jobe(1924) and William Lasater. Mr. and Mrs. Warren
were presented quaintly framed Godey prints.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the February 17, 2006 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

On the honor roll in the Junior Class at Grove Hign School were
Alvina Doephner, Julia Irion, Jack Fisher McGehee, Marguerite
Odom, Annie Rogers, Ruth Sager, Blair Salter, Zora Shofher, Ouida.
Cantrell, Ted Chambers, Kenneth Clayton, Iva H. Comer, Myrtle
Comer, Mary K. Sullivan, Nelle Currier, Eleanor Denslow, Richard
Dunlap, Thomas German, Elaine Gregson, Earl Hinchey, Wilham
Irion, Curtis Mann, W.E. Moore, Nell Morris, Christine Sweeney,
Phillip Wyatt and Dessiereen Windsor.

(NOTE: All these students would be the Grove Class of 1932.)

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the February 20, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

On the high honor roll at Atkins-Porter for the first semester were
eighth-graders Diane Ross, Katha Howard, Jerry Bowden, Suenette
Doran, Jim Hayes, Linda Hurt, Suzanne Lampkins, Billy McCutcheon,
Gail Moore, Peggy Miller, Elizabeth Porter, Kay Vaughn,
Sandra Guinn, Suzanne Looney, Joyce Phelps, Camille Todd and
Patricia Wimberley.
(NOTE: these students would be the Grove Class of 1960)

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the February 20, 2006 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Mary Margaret Richardson ('29), daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Richardson
of Porter Street and a sophomore at Murray State College, was
teaching expression in the training school of the college.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the February 21, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Alice Meals (‘54) of Ole Miss and Mary Meals of U-T Martin Branch visited here over
the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meals.

Bill Price (‘42), son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Price of Paris, entered a post-graduate course
in nuclear engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He had been an engineer
with TVA for six years.

The Grove High School gymnasium was plunged into darkness at halftime of a district
tournment basketball game between Grove and McKenzie. A car had left Dunlap Street
and severed a power pole. The second half of the game was rescheduled.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From a 2002 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Mrs. Harry Marcus honored her daughter, Jeanenne ('54), with a party on her 11th birthday.
The guest list included Shirley Melton ('54), Sylvia McEvoy ('54), Dixie Adams ('54),
Gayle Guthrie ('54), Margaret Jones and Donna Veazey ('54).

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the February 7, 2006 Edition ~ 25 YEARS AGO

Jim Barnett of Keepsake Galleries was pictured with a portrait of
Dr. E.W. Grove he and his-wife, Edith, had restored. The oil painting
had been in the Grove Tower building and was rescued by Luke
Welch when the building was closed. The Barnetts had restored
both frame and the painting over a six-month period. Barnett said he
hoped the picture would be given a prominent place in the building
if it ever became a museum.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the February 7, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Atkins-Porter Demons were undefeated in their basketball
season with one game to go. On the team were James McCaslin, Don
Berry ('60), John Williams ('60), Kenny Loving ('59),
Larry Brogdon ('60), Austin Perry ('60),Ward Dougherty ('60),
Mike Robinson ('60), Ronnie Chesemore ('61), Tommy McCutcheon ('60),
Jerry Mustain (61)', Scotty Hamilton ('61), Larry Laycook ('61),
Billy Mitchell ('61), Larry Howard ('61) and Larry Guthrie ('61).
Manager was Jerry Guthrie ('61) and coach James Underwood.

NOTE: A photo of the above team is HERE

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the January 26, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Post-Intelligencer carrier Don Berry ('60) placed third in a nationwide
contest sponsored by Current Science, a magazine distributed to
eighth graders. He was a student at Atkins-Porter School and his sci-
ence teacher was Pauline Wyman. Berry named and described the 10
most important events in the field of science during 1955.

Jeanette Hays of the Henry Lady Pirate basketball team broke
the state record for scoring in a single game with 100 points against
Puryear. She had almost reached the record several times before
smashing it. The Puryear team kept two and sometimes three guards
on Hays in a futile attempt to hold her scoring down.. Hays was
salutatorian of her class.

The Grove High Blue Devil boys team was jolted out of its shoes
when Big Sandy beat them 71-56. The Blue Devils had racked up
21 straight victories and were ranked high in the state before the Red
Devils gave them the reality check.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the January 17, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The piano pupils of  Mrs. Clovis Aden appeared in recital at the Aden home on
North Brewer Street, the audience being mothers of the students. On program were
Larry Salmon, Dana Gibbons, Patty Hamlett ('64), Gail Perry ('65), Frances Nell Jones,
Frankie Joyce Ray, Dannie Murphey, Carol Wyatt ('64), Donna Buckley ('60),
Jane Kemp, Bettye Shoftner ('59), Pattie Field ('59) and Rebecca Ross.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the January 16, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Grove Blue Devils won their 20th straight game without a loss
as they swamped Clarksburg 53-35. Clarksburg was the home town of
Grove coach Homer Spain. Leading the Devils in scoring was
Pete Perry ('56) with 19 points, followed by Earl Wilson ('56)
with 17.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the January 12, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Phelps of 711 Park St. announced the marriage
of their daughter, Jolene ('55), to Pvt. Charles Walter Snowden, son of Mr
and Mrs. John Snowden of Andalusia, Ala. The bride was a graduate
of Grove High School and was employed by Golden Peacock.

Another wedding of local interest was that of Dr. Charley C. Beard ('50)
of Paris and Virginia Greeson of Chattanooga. The wedding was
solemnized at the Concord Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Dec. 28.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the January 10, 2006 Edition ~ 25 YEARS AGO

W. J. "Willie" Neese ('28), one of Paris's most prominent citizens,
died at age 73. He had been born at Elkhorn, and spent more than a
decade as city and state political leader. He had been mayor of Paris
and a state representative.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the January 10, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Carolyn Berry ('56) was pictured with prizes, including a new television
set, to be awarded at a grand opening of the new Trevathan Walgreen Store
on West Court Square.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the January 10, 2006 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Francis Horobetz ('28), Grove High School graduate, was preparing
to sail from Fort Slocum, N.Y. to the Panama Canal Zone, where
he would undergo preparatory studies for entrance to West Point
Military Academy.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the January 4, 2006 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Eta Betas, a group of former drove High Scnool students
who were home for the holidays, had several informal gatherings,
including a slumber party and a supper, while here. In the group
were Mary Ellen Mischke ('55), Teresa Owens ('55), Mrs. Bryant Brummitt,
Barbara Brown ('55), Gail Ridgway ('55), Eloise Berry ('55),
Ruth Futrell ('55) and B.J. Johnson ('55).

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the December 21, 2005 Edition ~ 25 YEARS AGO

Notification was received from Congressman Ed Jones' office that
the Tower building at Grove High School had been placed on the
National Register of Historical Places.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the December 21, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Grove High School football stars of the 1955 Blue Devil team
Wayne Liss ('56) and Don McKinnon ('56) sighed grant-in-aid scholarships
to attend Memphis State College. They expressed appreciation to
coach Andy Settles for making the scholarships possible. Another
Grove star, Chick King ('50), had played at Memphis State some years

The Grove High School boys basketball team was the winningest
in West Tennessee with a 9-0 record after eking out a 70-69 victory
over Union City. On the squad were Jimmy Carter ('59), Mickey Norman ('57),
Walter Brewster ('57), Tippy Dennis (?), Jack Nichols ('58), Morris Brown ('57),
Paul Veazey ('57), Tommy Higgs ('57), James Azwell ('59), Earl Wilson ('56),
Maurice Field ('56), Camey Murphey ('59), Robert Lowe (*), Wayne Liss ('56)
and Pete Perry ('56). Coach was Homer Spain.
*This possibly should be William Richard Lowe, Class of 1959.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the December 14, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Grove High girls and boys basketball teams took two victories
over Henry . In girls action, the three Grove forwards, Peggy Davis
('57), Carolyn King ('56) and Pat Radford ('56), scored 27, 26, and
25 points to outgun Henry's widely-known sensation Janet Hays, who
scored 51 on her own.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the November 21, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Christine Matthews, secretary of the local Selective Service board,
listed a number of Henry County residents and natives to report for
induction in the armed services under a peacetime draft law. Included
were Charles Henry Martin ('50), Charles William Owen ('50), Lynn Ray
Orr, Donald Gene Weatherford, Robert Adams ('52), Wayne King ('54),
John Porter Chilcott ('51), Richard Crank, David Gorden Chapman,
Roland Parkhill ('49) and Ted Sliger.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the November 22, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Wanda Lou Jackson ('58) , 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Jackson
of Fairgrounds Road, was elected Future Farmers of America Sweetheart of the
Paris chapter. Runners up were Norma Pierce ('58) and Norma Milton ('56).
GO HERE  to  see   Sweetheart page.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the November 10, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Paris Hunting and Fishing Club held a big bar-b-que a week before
the opening of duck season. Winning a duck calling contest was Jimmy
Vincent ('52). Other entrants were Joe Kay, John Ed Douglas, Polk Paschall ('48),
Eddie Shelton, Wes Wisehart and Steve Hooper. Quinton Bailey directed the
contest. Fred Rushing of Big Sandy won a fox horn blowing contest and
Lawrence King of Paris was second.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the November 8, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Incoming Chamber of Commerce president Bryant Williams ('32) was pictured
being congratulated by retiring president Mitchum Warren ('26).

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the October 31, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Carolyn Berry ('56) was crowned football queen at the Grove Blue Devils
homecoming game with Bruceton. Attendants were freshman Patsy McClure ('59),
sophomore Norma Pierce ('58), junior Julia Kilgore ('57) and senior Ann Gaddy ('56).

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the November 1, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Four students made the honor roll at Henry High School for the
first grading period of the year. Included were seniors Janet Hays,
Linda Taylor and Evelyn McCoy and sophomore Betty Scott.

Cottage Grove whipped Puryear in both girls and boys basketball
action. Big Bennie Akers pumped in 25 points for the Cardinal boys,
while Joel Atchison scored 14 for Puryear. Katherme Morris scored
26 points in a losing cause for Puryear girls, while Cottage Grove
was led by Alice Hunt, Joann Housden and Sue Call.

Mrs. Jerry Maddox, who before her marriage was Gail Jackson ('57),
was complimented with a shower by her aunt, Mrs. Harold Jackson!
Contest winners were Mmes. Lewis Jackson, Noble Williams, Freed
Brown and A.L. Jackson.

The Rev. Wright Pillow ('54), a student at Lambuth College and sonx»f
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pillow, accepted a position as associate pastor "-of
First Methodist Church in Milan.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  November 1, 2005 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Grove High School's football team defeated old nemesis McKen-
zie 19-14, with some new faces in the lineup. Little Richard Dunlap ('32)
passed to Joe Howard ('31), who had previously not been a regular, to put
the ball near the goal line for the winning score, with another pass,
Dunlap to Woody Timmons ('31), gaining the victory. Neil Andrews ('31), regular
and veteran tackle, played just about the best game of his brilliant career.

Grove seniors on the honor roll were Inez Iron ('31), Maurice Martin ('31),
Rosalind Rogers ('31), Dorothy Broadway ('31), Imogene Brown ('31), A. T. Harris
('31), Dorothy McCall ('31), Geneva Morris ('31), Donna Postlethwaite ('31),
Margaret Pritchett ('31), Farris Shofner ('31), Helen Smith ('31) and
Florence Winsett ('31).

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the October 26, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Fred Wainscott ('55) was promoted to Airman 1st Class at Ellington Air
Force Base in Texas. He was a member of the 3607th Field Mainte-
nance Squadron.

Russell Pottery on Mineral Wells Avenue was the subject of a fea-
ture story by Bill Williams ('52). Two brothers, Paul and George Russell,
were the owners and staff, mining clay from their own pit nearby and
turning it into fine pottery sold over a five-state area.

The Buchanan High School boys basketball team was ready to
start the season. On the squad were Pete Wright, Earl Williams,
Kent Jackson, Keith Jackson, Jimmy Lee Adams, William Craig,
W.T. Watson, Keith Chilcutt, Fred Gamlin, John Lax and John Porter
Oliver. Coach was Linus Spiceland.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the October 18, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Airman First Class Cleland R. Bedwell ('52) was spending a 15-day
leave here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bedwell.

Aubrey Hunt ('50) of 605 Depot St. won the first P-I football contest of
the season. Veterinarian Dr. M.P. Bomar took second place.

Sue Call was elected president of the glee club at Cottage Grove
School. Other officers were Buddy Carl, Alice Hunt, David Capps,
Bennie Akers, Jerry Wagner and Kenneth Brown.


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