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squig.gif (237 bytes)   From  the August 15, 2005  Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Charlie Irene McGehee left for Miami, Florida, where she would teach fifth grade in a school there. "Miss Charlie" had taught in the city schools here for 46 years and in the county schools for two years.
(Webmaster note: "Miss  Charlie" was principal of Lee school for many years and one of my favorite educators.)

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the August 1, 2005 Edition ~ 25 YEARS AGO

The Buchanan High School class of 1955 held its 25 anniversary reunion at Paris Landing. Attending were Geneva Hughes Matheny, Peggy Swayne Maupin, Hazel Whitworth Hudgins, Ruth Willoughby Parker, Gene King Townley, Norma McCuiston Williams, Carolyn Culpepper Bucy, Thomas Kilpatric, John L. Blount, Betty Green Harris, Donald Williams, James Williams and Ralph Bucy.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the August 1, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Valeria Riggs Travis, who had taught school in the county seven years, was slated to receive her master of science degree in August at Tennessee State University. She had taught at Acton, Dogwood and Milton Grove Schools.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the August 8, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Pearl Routon's "Garden Guide" column advised fertilizing and mulching roses for fall bloom. She suggested pinching small buds from the bushes for a fuller fall show.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the August 2, 2005  Edition ~ 75  YEARS  AGO

Ruby Cloys Krider resigned her position as expression teacher at Grove High School and was succeeded by Ruth Harris of Nashville. Mrs. Krider resigned due to serious throat trouble. Her doctor recommended a full year of rest.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the July 27, 2005 Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Two former Grove High School football stars took positions at Brownsville's Haywood County High School. John Hooper ('48) would be head football coach and Richard Ross ('51) would be assistant.

Six Henry County students were on the spring quarter honor roll at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Included were Joseph Elroy Winsett of Mansfield, Patsy Louella Hill ('52), Glenn William Nash, Henry Earl Thompson ('51) and John N. Wilford of Paris and Billy Joe Wall of Puryear

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the July 14, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

James Wilson, president of the Paris Little League, announced the 1955 all-star team. On the squad were Dickie Dunlap ('60), Don Berry ('60), Larry Laycook ('61), Johnny Foust ('62), James Cagle, Billy Mitchell ('61), Dan Murphey ('60), Ross Chapman, Ray Norwood ('61), Jerry Mustain ('61), Walter Veazey ('61), Mike Palmer ('60), Lindell Chrisman ('61) and Roy Lawrence ('61).

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the June 29, 2005 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Four new teachers were chosen to the Grove High School faculty for the upcoming fall term. They were Mrs. Charles Pardue, home economics; Gladys Holliday, English; Eva Mae Dinwiddie, home economics, and Ruby Cloys Krider, expression. W. W. Chunn of Dresden was named principal at Henry High School. He was a cousin of Fred Chunn, former principal at Henry and pastor of the Church of Christ at Henry and Paris.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the May 17, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

New principals were announced for Atkins-Porter and Robert E. Lee schools. Howard DeBruce would succeed Carie Bailey at Atkins-Porter and Charles Mansfield would succeed Charlie McGehee at Lee.

The Grove High School Senior prom was held at the Greystone. Theme of the evening was "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White." About 150 persons attended. Committee chairmen for the event were Carol McDaniel ('55), Gail Ridgway ('55) and Melvin Humphreys ('55).

Henry County Training School class events were under way. Rachel Russell, first honor student of the eighth grade, had a part in a mock commencement. Others in the cast were Mary Grace Williams, Sharon Ann Hagler, James McSwain Willis, Thelma Eloise Braden and Billy Gene Hutcherson.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the May 11, 2005 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Martha Tom Morris, a Grove High Student, won first place in a state-wide literary contest at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She won first place in dramatic reading. Another Grove student, Arthur Dunlap, won a third place award, and Johnnie Cobb of Henry took a third place. Miss Morris had studied under Ruby Cloys Krider, Expression teacher at Grove.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the May 10, 2005 Edition ~ 25 YEARS AGO

Dr. Maurice Houston Field, a teacher at the University of Tennessee at Martin and a Paris native, brought the program at a meeting of the Women's Club of Paris. Field had written his dissertation for his Master's Degree on the history of E.W. Grove High School and his talk concerned that.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the May 10, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Grove Tower Choir presented Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado' at Weston Hall auditorium. Pictured were part of the cast: Elsie Andrews ('56), Jimmy Key ('55), Carol McDaniel ('55), Melvin Humphreys ('55), Diana Jackson ('55), Bill Warren ('57) and Roger Steele ('57).

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 28, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Grove High School named scholastic honor winners from the senior class. Jolene Phelps ('55) was valedictorian with a four-year average of  96.147. Eloise Berry ('55) was salutatorian with an average of 94.968.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 28, 2005 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Five students from Paris city schools won music awards in state competition in Nashville. From Atkins-Porter were Elizabeth Swain and Maxine Moody ('36). Virginia Orr, Tom Jernigan and Paschall Key ('36) represented Lee School.

Mr. and Mrs. Polk Paschall of the North Highway announced the birth of a son on April 24. (note: James Polk Paschall, Class of 1948)

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 14, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Tower of the main building at Grove High School was being reinforced and would be used as an air observer station. Warren G. Snow, supervisor of the Paris Ground Observer Corps, said the local unit would cooperate with a nationwide organization to observe air activity in case of an enemy attack.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the April 25, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Betty Chrisman ('67) celebrated her sixth birthday at Mrs. Dinkins's Kindergarten. The children sang "Jesus Loves Me," with Marilyn Jobe at the piano. Dixie Cups and cupcakes were served to all present.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the April 19, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Larry McGehee ('54), a freshman at Transylvania College, was named to the honor roll there. He was a pre-ministerial student.

Mary Meals ('54) of Paris won the championship trophy at a tennis tournament at the University of Tennessee at Martin. She was one of the twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meals.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the April 13, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Some of the members of the Paris School Band under the direction of  Billy Crosswy played for the Lions Club. In the group were Sidney Boone ('55), Mildred Luckey ('57), Wanda Jackson ('58), Camilla Cox ('57), Patsy Hudson ('59), Jerry Roberts ('59), Pete Perry ('56), Maurice Field ('56), Richard Bray ('57), Mickey Norman ('57), Bill Mustain ('59), Tommy Barfield ('55) and Jerry Humphreys ('55).

The junior class at Buchanan High School presented a three-act play. In the cast were Peggy Culpepper, Jean Green, Keith Chilcutt, Fay Williams, Ann Oliver, W.T. Watson, Jimmy Alton, Susie Lax, Fred Gamlin, Shirley Hinson, Robbie Williams, Wanda DePriest and Jane Green.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the April 13, 2005 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Edwin Grove, president of the Paris Medicine Co. and son of the late Dr. E.W. Grove, motored here from his home in St. Louis to visit Friends. He arrived in one of the new Ford front wheel drive automobiles, which evoked much interest.

In the closest baseball game of the season, the Grove team bested Murray 5-4, when Arthur Dunlap ('30) hit a three-run homer in the seventh inning. Sterling Grove pitcher Ted Snow established a record 21 strikeouts in the game.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the March 30, 2005 Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Melvin Humphreys ('55), Grove High School senior, was elected to the highest state 4-H honor when he was names Governor of the Tennessee 4-H clubs at state 4-H congress in Nashville. Humphries was also president of the Countywide 4-H club here.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the March 30, 2005 Edition ~ 75  YEARS  AGO

Two E. W. Grove Henry County High School seniors won first place in literary contest in Martin and would advance to state competition. Martha Tom Morris won in dramatic reading and Arthur Dunlap in original oratory.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the March 28, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Elizabeth Calloway Young Women's Auxiliary of the First Baptist Church met with the counselor, Laura Morris (*) presiding, in the absence of the president, Carol McDaniel ('55.) Others attending were Mozelle Michael ('55), June Valentine ('55), Rita Humphreys ('55), Gayrene Shemwell ('55), Wanda Jackson ('56), Susie Bucy ('56), Janice Hutson ('56), Betty Lacy ('56), Joyce Hutson ('56), Malinda Paschall (56) and Mary Lou Owens ('56).   * Note: Miss Laura Morris was a teacher at Atkins-Porter elementary school.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the March 22, 2005 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The fourth period Future Homemakers of America of Grove High School. President was Nita Whitfield ('57) presided, Rita Butler ('57) had a Bible reading and Bonnie Osborn ('57) recited a poem.

squig.gif (237 bytes)   From the March 2, 2005 Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Champions of the Biddy Basketball season were crowned. Western Auto won the girls trophy. Members of the girls team were: Nancy Williams, Faye Hart, Mary Ann Dyker, Retta Jo Smythe, Betty Hutcherson, Jane Weaver, Judy Page and Helen Watkins. On the winning McCartney Produce boys team were Joe Thomason, Ray Norwood (‘62), Jerry Mustain (‘61) Charles Brown(‘60), Howard Williams, Lindell Chrisman (‘61), Larry Brogdon (‘60), Kenneth Kalagan and Walter Veazey (‘61).


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