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squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the September 23, 2003  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Chick King ('50) of Paris, star outfielder for the Little Rock Travelers in the Southern Association, was the center of controversy in the Detroit Tigers organization. Some of the Tigers' management wanted to bring King up to Buffalo for AAA competition and others wanted him to stay in Little Rock for another season. King was noted as one of the top prospects in the nation for the major leagues.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the August 26, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Youth week was under way at First Baptist Church. The pastor, the Rev. O.E. Turner, turned over the keys to the church to the youth pastor for the week, Ted Janes (‘53), and the members of the youth week comittee: Carolyn Brisendine (‘53), Robert Covington (‘54), Ann Shrivers (‘52), Gayle Ross (‘55), George Moore (‘53), Bobby Dortch (‘55) and Linda Bell (‘56).

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the August 20, 2003 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Remodeling was under way on the old Grove High School dormitory, a two-story building on the campus. The first floor would become a model home economics teaching center. Another room would become the school library. The old dining hall and kitchen in the basement would be made into a modern dining room. The work had been done at little cost or trouble, said school Superintendent C.B. Matthews.

(Note: This, of course, would be Cavitt Hall. The building apparently served many purposes.
GO HERE For more about Cavitt Hall from the 1968 Yearbook.)

squig.gif (237 bytes) From August 13, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

August 28 was set as opening for most Henry County schools. Total enrollment would be about 4,430. Some schools had opened July 31 and would close in October for cotton picking. They were Springville, Oakland, Pleasant Hill, Barr’s Chapel, New Hope and Caton.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From August 13, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Joe Dudley Davis (‘45), former assistant football coach at Grove High School, was named head coach at Centerville High School. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Burgie Davis of Rorie Addition, he had played on the 1944 team at Grove which went undefeated until the final game. He later played football at Murray State and was a member of the championship team that had played in the Tangerine Bowl.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From August 13, 2003 Edition ~ 75 YEARS  AGO

Eighth-grade summer school graduates at Atkins-Porter School under Fannie White included Crawford Chambers, Howard Coate, Margaret Clendenin, Vernon Gross, Edward Hill, George Jackson, R.A. Jonsonious, Iva H. Johnson, Albert Lankford, Darrel Meador, Esta Mims, Laminda McCuiston, Herman Parris, John Henry Seymore, L.J. Sheeley, Carl Snow, Corrinne Gillispie, Opal Key and Bryant Williams.
(These students would be the Grove Class of 1932)

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the Paris Post-Intelligencer
Society Page ~ Tuesday Afternoon, December 19, 1944
Mrs. Percy M. Williams, Editor

Christmas Party
Twelve members of the Baptist Sunday School Class of which Mrs. W. O. Seymour is teacher gathered at her home Sunday afternoon and packed a Christmas box and delivered it to shut-ins. Little Jo Lynn Seymour (‘61) presented each girl with a gift from under a lighted tree and Mrs. Seymour served a lovely sandwich plate with Coke-Colas.
Those present were Jean Jobe (‘45), Sue Watton, Doris Hill (‘45), Jo Hurdle (‘45), Marjorie Clary (‘45), June Collins (‘46), Dorothy Rumbley (‘45), Robbie Riley (‘45), Emily Ann Bowen (‘45), Muriel Clary (‘45) and Carolyn Burton (‘45).
~Class years are in brackets ( ) ~

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the August 18, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Twin sisters Jean and Jane Williams (‘49) had graduated from college and would be new home economic teachers in the county school system for the upcoming term. Jean would be at Puryear and Jane at Buchanan.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the August 18, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

New majorettes for the Grove High School band for the fall season were pictured. Included were Linda Bell, Sue Beth Crews, Sue Collins, Terri Tribble and Norma Brown. Band director was Billy Crosswy.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the August 5, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Charlie McGehee and Mrs. J. Q. Adams left for New Orleans, where they would spend a week. Miss McGehee, state vice-president of Delta Kappa Gamma, would represent the local sorority at a convention there.

(Miss Charlie McGehee was a popular, long time Lee School educator and principal)

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the August 5, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Fireballs continued their winning ways in the girls softball action as they downed the Blue Blazes 14-10 at Ogburn Park. Winning pitcher was Judy Robinson (‘59), who posted nine strikeouts. Losing pitcher was Barbara Jelks (‘58).

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the August 6, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Mary Beth Morris and Dr. Richard Graham Fish pledged marriage vows in the parlor of First Presbyterian Church. She was a teacher at Grove High School and Fish was a physician here.

(From at least 1931 through 1957, Mary Beth Morris Fish taught English at Grove High School)

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the July 16, 2003  Edition ~ 50 YEARS  AGO

Officals of the "Lights Unlimited" organization, which had spearheaded a drive for new lights at Barton Field, observed the first test lighting and pronounced the installation satisfactory. The new lights would be used  the first time for a Little Bigger baseball game. Observing the test were
Virgil Wall (1946), Solon Hutson ¹, Jimmy Huffman, George Dinwiddie and Maurice Field.
¹Mr. Hutson, for several decades, was the industrial arts teacher at Grove. As recalled, he was also the city and/or county inspector for all new electrical installations. (site editor)

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the July 15,  2003  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Cadet James G. Higgs ('49), Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Higgs, returned to the U. S. Military Academy at West Point after a month-long tour of Army and Air Force bases through out the country.

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the July 15,  2003   Edition ~ 75  YEARS   AGO

Ben Jobe ('24) returned home after 3 1/2 years of schooling in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee school of commerence. He would step right into the shoe department of Howard and Jobe on West Court Square.

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the June 18, 2003  Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO 

A group of young people at West Paris Baptist Church met to form a Paris Youth for Christ Organzation. President would be Winnie Prince (1954). Other officers were Marie Gaddy (‘54) and Peggy French (‘53). In addition, those attending were Carolyn King (‘56), Joyce Holcomb (‘56), Norma Pierce (‘58), Clara Dell Waters (‘55), Rogerlene McFarland (‘53), Lorraine Gassaway (‘53), Carolyn Kibbons (‘55), Jo Ann Gaddy (‘55) and Norma Bevill (‘55).

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the June 25, 2003  Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Andrew Settles was hired as basketball coach at Grove High succeeding Homer Spain, whose service draft status prevented his being assigned again. Settles would become football coach after one year, as coach Kenny McRee had revealed plans to resign. Settles had been coach at McKenzie High School.

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the June 25, 2003  Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

A wide pall of sorrow hung over the city as funeral services were held at First Presbyterian Church for Mrs. E. W. Grove, widow of the medicine magnate who had endowed Grove High School. She lived in St. Louis but had a wide circle of friends here, where she had attended school as a child. She was born in Murray, Kentucky.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the June 5, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Robert M. Jelks, head football coach at Union University, resigned his position and would return to Paris, where he
had coached football and basketball at Grove High School 1942-1951. He would be representative for the
Equitable Insurance Company.

From the June 5, 2003 Edition ~ 75 YEARS AGO

Claude Toler, president of Toler Business College here, would again
paint the highways with "Vote for Toler" as he had made announcement
as a candidate for Direct Representative. The native of the Spring Hill
community graduated from Grove High School in 1917, taught in the county
school system and in New York and New Jersey.


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