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squig.gif (237 bytes)From the May 20, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

All ~Class of 1953
Betty Lou Jones of the Grove High School senior class was honored for 12 years of perfect attendance. She had never missed a day in her school career. Other seniors with perfect attendance for the year were Bobbie Sue Cherry, Carolyn Brisendine, Betty Carolyn Johnson, Mac Luckey, Shirley McDaniel, George Moore, Faye Prince, Jerald Sykes and Camille Thomas.

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the May 14, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Four Grove High School speech students were named Four-Star Thespians, the highest honor offered by the National Thespian Society. They were Carolyn Brisendine (‘53), Marvin Bunn (‘53), Billy Mann (‘53) and Mac Luckey (‘53).

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the May 14, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Hi-Y Club at Grove High School inducted as new members Melvin Humphreys (‘55), Larry McGehee (‘54), Bubba Lockhart (‘54), Hoffman Fry (‘54), Jerald Hill (‘55), Ed Tayloe ("55), Charles Franklin (‘55), Dan Bundy (‘55), Clayton Gaddy (‘54), Jimmy Berry (‘55), Fred Thompson (‘55) and Frank Cates (‘54).

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the May 8, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

The Grove High School speech department, under the direction of Mrs. Clem Krider, was awarded the Tennessee Forsenic League trophy for having the most contestants win the largest number of contests of any other of the 25 schools competing. First Place winners were Mac Luckey (‘53), Billy Mann (‘53), Barbara Brown (‘55) , Carolyn Travis (‘53), Larry McGehee (54), Diana Rhodes (54), Robert Covington (‘54), David Brown (‘54), Charles Franklin (‘55), Jerry Humphreys (‘55), Frank Mason (‘54) and Mary Alice Hooser (‘53).

(‘ ) Denotes class year.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the April 30, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Paris talent walked away with three first-place showings at the Dixieland Sectional Amatuer Talent Show at Weston Hall. Robert Covington (‘54) won a first with a piano solo. A clarinet quartet of Dorothy Jean Owens (‘54), Mac Luckey (‘53), Robert Covington (‘54) and Wright Pillow (‘54) was a winner, and the Dixieland Combo , a group of be-bop musicians, brought the house down with their rendition of Jada. In that group were Jerald Sykes (‘53), Luckey, Covington and Billy Mann (‘53).

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the April 30, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS AGO

Ann Corbett (‘54) was chosen to represent Grove High School at Girls State. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Corbett. Alternate would be Peggy Bomar (‘54).

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the April 22, 2003  Edition ~ 50  YEARS   AGO

Class  of  1953

The senior class of  Grove High School  entertained with a banquet at the Greystone Hotel Governor's Room. Class president  Charles Scholes was the toastmaster and school principal Dwight Norman gave the invocation. Mary Lou Atkins and Joan Evans sang a duet and a trio of Mac Luckey, Billy Mann and Gerald   Sykes sang "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes."

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the April 22, 2003  Edition ~ 50 YEARS  AGO

Class of  1950

Charles 'Chick' King placed among the top hitters in the Southern League. An outfielder with the Little Rock team, King was averaging .333. 

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the April 22, 2003 Edition ~ 75 YEARS  AGO

The Grove Parent- Teachers Association met for the last time this school year and elected officers. Mrs. Charles Pardue would be new president; Mrs. Ephrian Williams, first vice president; Mrs. Amos G. Rhodes, second vice president; Mrs.J.H. McSwain, secretary; and mrs. O.E. Denslow, Treasurer.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the April 2, 2003 Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Dr. L. D. Chesemore was pictured with the 2,011th baby he had delivered since begining practice here in 1934. The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Spaulding of Porter Court was Jennie Lynn.  Also in the picture was Grove High School senior Donna Veazey ('53), the first person delivered in Paris by Chesemore.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the March 18, 2003 Edition ~ 50 YEARS  AGO

Carolyn Brisendine ('53), daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Pled Brisendine, was awarded the Daughters of the American Revolution good citizenship honor at Grove High School. She was circulation manager for the school newspaper and a member of the Pep Club, Glee Club and National Forensic League.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the March 5, 2003 Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

The McCartney Produce Biddy Basketball team was undefeated in six games, having outscored their opposition 226-137. On the squad were Ray Norwood, Charles Brown, Howard Williams, Kenneth Kalagan, Lindell Chrisman, Welton Gaddy, Ronnie Brewer, David Lowery, Walter Veazey, Joe Norwood and Larry Brogdon. Aubrey Hunt was coach and Harlan McCartney sponsor.

A new Key Club was chartered at Grove High School with Mac Luckey the first president. Luckey was shown with Fred Wood, president of the Paris Kiwanis Club, Key Club Sponsor.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the February 11,  2003  Edition ~ 50 YEARS   AGO

The Grove Blue Devils put on a furious 24-point rally in the fourth quarter to knock the Springfield Black Panthers from the undefeated ranks 59-56. Franklin Cate scored 21 points to take high scoring for Grove but Gordon Taylor dropped in 25 for the county champion Panthers. In the final seconds of the game Gerald Hill and Nichol Britt used skillful ball handling to freeze the ball and keep it away from the dangerous Panthers.

squig.gif (237 bytes)From the February 12,  2003  Edition ~ 50   YEARS  AGO

A weekly business review featured the River Road Inn on the lake highway. The short order house was owned by Wayva Todd. She was assisted by her mother, Iva Johnson. Four young men ~ Gerald Hill, Robert Scarbrough ('51), Billy Lacy ('54) and Billy Joe McGuire ('51) ~ served as car hops for curb service and also did some of the cooking.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the January 7,  2003  Edition ~ 50   YEARS  AGO

The Springville boys basketball team eked out a 43 - 42 victory over the Grove Blue Devils to remain undefeated on the season. On the squad were Ray Hill, Bob Richardson, Robert Norwood, Billy Watkins, Robert Vaughn, Bobby Henderson, Doris Jones, Jimmy Allison, Roy Hill, Gordon Taylor, James Bomar and Bailey Wimberley. Coach was James Cates and manager was David Kendall.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the December 31, 2002  Edition ~ 50 YEARS   AGO

Arlyn  Wright (Class ?) and  Eddie Joe Chrisman ('57) were rewarded from their effort in sending aloft a ballon with instructions to contact them if the ballon was found. A note was received from Smyth County, Virginia, relating the ballon had landed there.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the December 31, 2002  Edition ~ 50 YEARS   AGO

Robert Gerald White (Class ?), son of Mr. and Mrs. Jourd White of Forrest Heights, was selected to attend Naval Officers Candidate School in Newport News, Rhode Island. He had graduated from Vanderbilt University.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the December 2, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS   AGO

Homer Spain was pictured being greeted by Grove High School principal Dwight Norman as the newest Grove faculty member. Spain, a graduate of Clarksburg High School and Union University, would teach physical education and coach boy's basketball.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the November 12, 2002  Edition ~ 50   YEARS  AGO

Four outstanding players on the University of Tennessee Martin Branch Vol football team from Paris were pictured. They were Doyle Reese ('51), Robert Owen Scarbrough ('51), Earl Thompson ('51) and Billy Joe McGuire ('51).

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the November 5, 2002 Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Jimmy Fitzsimmons ('50) was uninjured when his car, a 1949 Mercury, turned over off the Gordon Browning Highway south of Paris. The auto was totally demolished.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the October 22, 2002 Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

James Turner ('55), brawny sophomore wingman, shuffled onto the field at Milan and calmly swung a left foot into the pigskin to send it high and right through the uprights for a point-after that gave the Blue Devils a 13-12 victory over a tanacious Milan Bulldog squad. The Big Blue controlled both sides of the line of scrimmage all night, with Jimmy Kimmons ('53) running for 131 yards and Wayne King ('54) racking up 104. The Devils mixed the split-T formation with the single-wing to confuse Milan.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the October 23, 2002 Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Roland Parkhill ('49), son of Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Parkhill, qualified to take entrance exams in March at the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. A Grove High School graduate, student at the University of Tennessee and Sargent First Class in the National Guard, Parkhill had trained to be an expert brick mason under his father and grandfather.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the September 24, 2002 Edition ~ 75  YEARS  AGO

Class rivalry reached a peak at Grove High School as each class entered a queen into competition for the school football queen. The freshman entry was Vida Lucille Miller; sophomore, Kathryn Wiley; junior, Gladelle Sparks; and senior, Marjorie Miller.

squig.gif (237 bytes)  From the September 10, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

After two years of being starved for victories, Grove High School fans were overjoyed as their beloved Blue Devils trounced McKenzie 43-6 in the opening game of the 1952 season. Wayne King ('55) did a masterful job of keeping and pitching on the option. His pitchout targets were speedy Billy Michael ('54) and Jimmy Kimmons ('54). Kimmons had 212 yards from scrimmage in only 13 carries. He also averaged 48 yards on punts.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the September 6, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Sophomore Gayrene Shemwell ('55) was chosen by the Grove High Pep Club as cheerleader. Filling out the remainder of the squad were
Betty Lou Jones ('53), Barbara Vaughn ('53), Nancy Norman and Gayle Guthrie ('54).

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the August 28, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Class of 1950

Charles "Chick" King of Paris was named to the all-star team of the Carolinas. He had batted .321 with Durham for the season and had thrown a baseball the longest distance in the history of the leauge.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the July 17, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Class of  1950

Charley Neal Beard  of  Paris  Route 1, was one of 35 new students enrolled for the summer quarter at the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in Memphis.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the July 16, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Class of 1950

Chick King, professional baseball player with Duram of the Carolina League, was chosen to the league’s all-star team.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From the June 12, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Class of  1949

Bobby Jean Burton  was chosen queen of the Lewis-Wimberley post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars at a beauty review. Martha Perkins was first maid and Dot Kimmons second maid. Other entrants were Lou Annie Pinson, Joy Prince, Ruby Lamb, Ann Powers, and
Ruthie Alexander .

squig.gif (237 bytes) From April 10, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Class of  1954

Sylvia McEvoy was chosen queen of the Mule Day Festivities and was crowned by Gov. Gordon Browning. Maids to the Queen were Shirley Melton and Martha Perkins, While young Nancy Krider served as Page. A pair of mules from Lynn Grove, Kentucky was judged best of show and Jean Jackson took first prize in pony riding competition. More than 25,000 people crowded the downtown area for the festivities.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From October 9, 2001  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Class of  1951

Martha Sue Fitzsimmons, a local student at Lambuth College in Jackson, was at Lakeshore Methodist Camp near Camden to attend a Youth Conference.

squig.gif (237 bytes) From March 15, 2002  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Class of 1950
Grove High School graduate Dan King, regarded as one of the top sophomore college basketball players in the nation, was set for starting forward as his school, Western Kentucky, went up against Louisville in the first round of the National Invitational Tournament.  Local television viewers witnessed the action as WSM-TV in Nashville carried a telecast of the game, Western was 25-4 on the season

squig.gif (237 bytes) From July 17, 2001  Edition ~ 50  YEARS  AGO

Class of   1950
One of Paris’ most famous athletes, "Chick" King was making headlines in Jamestown, N.Y. King was playing there with the minor league baseball team. The newspaper in Jamestown carried a story giving King credit for the team’s improved season. He was called the "Tennessee Torpedo." His batting average was .375 and he was said to be the most dangerous leadoff man in the league.

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