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A Memoir of Childhood Tragedy & Triumph

CINCINNATI, OH: Cincinnati Book Publishing announces the release of Nekkid, the story of a small town boy’s struggle with polio, a disease that once dominated the landscape of America, poverty, and complicated familial relations. It is a rich memoir of life in rural Tennessee set in the mid-20th century. This book is a darkly charming tale that will let readers experience the mind of an ill but spry child.

Young Frankie Lee Moody, or the “Kid” as he refers to himself, demonstrates a keen understanding of those around him and isn’t afraid to use it to get what he wants. Whether he is orchestrating a daring escape from the hospital or finagling a way to have spending money for his trips into town, the Kid’s creative ingenuity makes him a fascinating narrator.

“The Kid didn’t know what to do with himself for most of the first year he was out of the hospital. It was like starving to death within reach of a magnificent buffet because everything was so good he couldn’t make up his mind what to reach for first.”

His wit and charisma draw the reader into every vignette, and each one is rounded out with vivid imagery. From his early years as an impish toddler through years of family hardship and on to his diagnosis and treatment, the Kid shines with life and light. The stories of the Kid’s adventures and the diverse characters he encounters will reveal the “nekkid” truth of the difficulties in surviving poverty and disability.

“He never had money to do things like all the other kids seemed to do. He wasn’t all that sure what they did but he was sure it was something he’d enjoy the hell out of if he only had the money to do it.”

Frankie, later Frank M. Lee, lived an inspiring life. Despite a career in journalism and broadcasting that led him on a widely swathed geographic path, he never forgot that his roots grew deep in Tennessee. A part of him always remained the Kid, trying to outrun his crutches while flashing a mischievous smile.


^Frank M. Lee, Nekkid
^ISBN: 978-0-9910077-0-7. 305 pages, hardbound with dust jacket.
^Retail price: $25.00, plus applicable state tax and shipping.
^Available online at, or through Connie Breitbeil at


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