cfish2.jpg (2094 bytes)INSIDE  JOB?  WILLIAMS  WINS  CATFISH   RACES


Something Fishy won the 15th annual Fish Fry Catfish Races, and some of the contestants said the name was appropriate.

The fish was entered by the man who has been the master of ceremonies for the races since they started. He's also the retired publisher of the newspaper that sponsors the races and president of the Literary Council that the races benefit. Talk about home cooking.

"Nonsense," sniffed the winning sponsor, Bill Williams. "My fish won the races fair and square. Stands full of witnesses will testify to the legitimacy of my fish's victory.

"Besides, my wife cosponsored the fish with me, and nobody's accusing her of any wrongdoing. Can I help if our fish was faster than any of the others?"

That means he apparently means to keep the championship trophy and the restaurant prizes he won over 77 other contestants in a race day that looked for a time like it was going to be rained out.

Just before the races began at 11 a.m. Saturday, a steady rain was falling and you could count the number of race witnesses on the fins of one catfish.

But no sooner had the actual racing begun than the rains trailed away, the crowd began coming back from wherever they had retreated to, and before the races were over the sun came out.

Winners, other than the 'fishy one':

~ Tall Tale Trophy  to  Gene Gulish - tale about the retired Hollywood actor and stunt man -  Andrew Lloyd Catfish.

~ Honorable Mention Chutzpah went to Downtown Business Association , which managed to work nine commercial plugs into its tale about Downtown Doug.

~ The Best Fish Name - was Counter Fish - the entry of Jon Owens.

~ Finalist in the racing competition included Triple J's Jewel, entered by Joey, Jesse and Julia Williams -
Shad Rap, entered by Ray Norwood and Furniture Exchange's Wiggler.

~ Semifinalists included Paschall Farms' anonymous entry, Telly Robinson's Cyclops and  Billy Fish from Barry's Bail Bonds.

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The Paris Post-Intelligencer
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