Obituaries are my least favorite task that I must perform in maintaining this website. I’d much rather be fiddling with the images or helping someone find information in the site. I tend to put them off, but yet they are important as we all want to honor the memories those who have passed from us.

I will continue to make an effort to post them as I learn about them. But therein lies the problem, because I do not always hear, so it is difficult to keep up. So, I need your help. Freddie Webb has been a great resource, but sometimes we both have trouble locating the details, so if you learn of anyones’ passing, please send me a note with as much detail as possible.

Since the last website update, the following obituaries have been posted to the site:

Dennis L. Matlock, Class of 1960.

Arthur Sensing Jr., mentioned in the 1945-46 Future Farmers at Grove. [Information on his class would be much appreciated.]

Curtis Davis, Class of 1942. [Any further information will be appreciated.]

Retired Brigadier General Roland L. Parkhill, Class of 1949.

Bethel Williams, Class of 1935

Carolyn White Cheek, Class of 1966

Jerald Sykes, Class of 1953

Glenda Perry Ray, Class of 1962

Jim Adams, Class of 1956

John Ray Brewer, Class of 1968

Gary Willoughby, Class of 1968

In addition, we have some information we would like to confirm. If anyone can provide details for the following, I would be most appreciative:

Bobbie Paschall, who may have been Bobbie Jean Burton, Class of 1949. (Oct 2020)

Robert Hailey, Class of 1952. (Feb 2021)

Winnie Kennon Perkins, Class of 1942. (28 Feb 2021)

Roger Buffington, Class of 1964.

Finally, you may notice a slight change to the order of the posts, and in particular the order of the obituaries, which are now posted chronologically. Here’s a quick link where you can see all obituaries posted so far.

Thanks to everyone for whatever help you can provide.


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