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1929  Senior  Class  History


Class History

EIGHTY-SIX we were on that day in the dim and distant past when a wild
rush was made for Grove Hill, then the height of our ambitions. Like all Freshmen we were shy and fearful, but clouds must vanish and as usual the sun shone through after mid-term exams.

After that, enthusiasm began to run high, for the date of the Inter-Class Contest was drawing near. Our representatives the first year were Gladelle Sparks and Nelom Jackson. Though a valiant effort was made, we lost to the Seniors. That year, Joe Hogan made the baseball team.

We began the Sophomore year with renewed vigor, though of course our numberhad diminished. Some of the boys made both football and baseball teams that year. At the close of it, Edwin Diggs won the Barton Essay Contest.

Oh! Boy! We were Juniors and could sit on the north side of the study hall next to the Seniors. Edwin Diggs again brought distinction to our class by winning third place on the State Meat Identification Team, thus giving himself the opportunity to compete in the Meat Indentification Contest at the American Royal Stock Show in Kansas City, where he won eighth place. Again, our Junior year, the Barton Medal went to a member of our class, Annie Mae Harding. Ernestine Turner was assistant editor of the Comet that year.

Yeh! Seniors. Amid all the whirlwind of Senior activity, we had time to add a few more laurels to our wreath. We succeeded first in selling the most magazines in a contest with the Juniors. Then in a popularity contest we elected Gertrude Lasater the most popular girl in school. Ernestine Turner was editor-in-chief of the Comet our Senior year, with Buster Thompson filling in vacant spaces with his jokes. Then with a few having dropped out even after mid-term exams, we approached the Inter-Class Contest with good material. Lona Muriel McSwain and Nelom Jackson were victorious in the preliminaries, but due to the illness of Lona Muriel's father, Mary Margaret Richardson represented us. Although a close race, only the boy's medal went to us, the girl's going to the Juniors. During our Junior and Senior years a number of our boys displayed their athletic ability on both football and baseball teams.

Those of our number who preferred the mop and broom to the book and tablet were: Misses Lucille Bomar, Hattie B. Barfield, Edna Barham, Annie Mae Van-Cleave, and Elizabeth Walters.

So, with the coming of May, 1929, the history of this class ended. We take this opportunity of thanking fond mothers and fathers and teachers, who helped to make this history what it is. It is with both sad and glad hearts that we leave Old Grove to take our place in the world.

Mildred  Orr, Class Historian.



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