History  of  the  Senior   Class
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By  William  B.  Clark



Listen, undergraduates, and you shall hear the marvelous history year by year, of the Class of '24.

September 13, 1924, marked a new era in the history of Grove High School. It was a renaissance, an era of  better students, and to this age of Grove's history no better name than the age of class patriotism can be applied. It was at this world rocking and perilous time that the class of '24,  started on its journey to secure a high school education offered at old Grove.

In the scholastic year 1920-21 they were initiated into all rights and privileges, and thus became full pledged students at Grove.

They were "green," that is, at first, but that greenness soon wore off.  This class was determined to be a leader, and it was. It lead from the first until the last. When the Comet manager called for subscriptions to the school paper, the Freshmen Class of '24 led with a 100 percent subscription. To go 'over the top every time' was their slogan.

When the time came for the Inter Class Contest, the Freshmen were not far behind. They did not lose all. They could not be defeated. It was only a stepping stone to greater victories. And as the close of school approached, the Class of '24 held it's own by making those grades that had never before been reached in the history of Grove.

In the second episode of the history of the Class of '24, this mighty band of  Sophomores entered to take life easy, and they did take life. They took everything that lay in their way. From that year's Inter - Class Contest they have not missed a time in bringing honors to their class. The honors of the Sophomore years were won by the eloquent  orator, Lloyd Neese.

Finally they became Juniors, and they were proud of this fact that they had passed out of that stage, that that everyone looked down upon, with pity, poor Sophomore, and that they were no longer considered as "wise fools."

Again let it be known, that that the Class of '24, while floating those royal colors, purple and gold, with the inspired cheering and dramatic reading of   Miss Mildred Crawford won the honors, that are so rarely bestowed on a class twice in succession.

And as this adventurous class, the Senior Class of '24, passed on it's last stretch of history, September 3, 1923. They were Seniors, and the whole school knew it. The other classes acknowledged and respected it's superiority, as they took Robert Arnett for their capable leader and president of  Class of '24, their Senior year. This class now leads in every event and organization. Who is president of the Athletic Association? A Senior, Mr. Holman. Miss Morton, a Senior,  presides over the Glee Club. Robert Howard, Senior, is captain of the  track team.  Jobe, the manager and Holman the captain of the football team and Holman and Porter the commanders of the winning baseball teams, and last, but not least, Holman president of our Hi-Y.

Again, notice the astounding success of the Class of '24. On the 22nd of February a rare thing happened. What was it? The Seniors captured both medals, at the contest, which were won by the boosting and encouraging yells of fellow classmates, and the unparalleled reading of Miss Cooper and the oratory of William Clark.

Just a word here,  about that band,  after the contest as they celebrated their victory at Collins.

There was never a happier, prouder bunch in the history of Old Grove.   The class unanimously voted to make it an annual event, to hold a reunion of this class every year at this time. When we had our inter-class track meet, the Seniors were there, and yes won the "loving cup" by the daring records of Holman, Howard, Odom and Ramsey. As the class goes into its last finals at Grove, they are proud of their success. The commencement is the beginning of a larger, broader life, and the training that they had while at Old Grove, assures them that they may still be leaders of men and that their high ideals formed from years ago, are now to be realized by patiently applying the knowledge they have gained.

As the early morning sun of a future life shines over the State of   Tennessee and the Southland, the other classes will turn and look up on the splendor and stateliness of the Class of '24 reigning throughout the land in all of   it's majesty. In the end, they  may hear ringing in their ears "Well done, thou good and faithful  servant."

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