CLASS  OF  1939

Reunion Information ~ 1963


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Class of 1939
E.W. Grove Henry County High School
Paris, Tennessee
November 9, 1963

Dear Classmate,

A group composed of Warren Snow, John Hugh Floyd, Doug Martin, Philip
Wynns, Virginia Rucker Routon, Marguerite Prater Weston, Jane Veazey Sturdi-
vant, Anna Margaret Gates Martin, Sue Akin Owenby, Sarah Phelps Salmon, Maxine Etheridge Orris, and Elizabeth Connell Wright got together on Friday night, October 4th and had a wonderful time planning a reunion of the Class of 1939• We had so much fun and wished each one of you could have been there. After much discussion, several pros and cons, it was agreed that the tentative date of August 1, 1964, would be the best possible date for our reunion.

We have planned a buffet supper for Saturday night, August 1st at 7 P.M. at Paris Landing Inn, We have reserved the dining room and also a suite of rooms at the Inn, Paris Landing Inn is a beautiful place overlooking Kentucky Lake. We hope that you can reach the hotel by five o'clock, so that we may enjoy a social hour together before dinner. We are planning very little in the way of a formal program. e want to visit, meet your family, hear what you have been doing, what has happened in these years, etc. The best we can determine $U.OO per person will cover the hotel reservations including the supper. This affair will be restricted to class members and their husband or wife or friend, in case you are single.

We have a barbecue planned for Sunday afternoon, August 2nd, at 1:00 P.M. with the entire family invited at Ogburn Park, between Morton and Washington Streets. One dollar ($1.00) per person will take care of this. We decided that it would be better to have this meal provided by professionals rather than to have each family pack a picnic lunch. It would be particularly inconvenient for those from out of town, and we who live here are planning on more fun and less work.

In order for the Committee to complete final arrangements, let Elizabeth Connell Wright have your reservation by July 1st and not later than July 8th. To make it as easy as possible for the Committee to plan
for a successful 24th anniversary of our graduation, please send your check with your reservation. Figure $4.00 per person for the buffet Saturday night and 1.00 per person for each member of your family who will attend the barbecue Sunday afternoon. Enclosed is a form giving us the information that we need. Please return it as soon as you can.


Class  of   1939
Names  and  Addresses
Dated - 1963


Sue Akin
Mrs. Sue Ownby
404 Jackson St.
Paris, Tenn.

Virginia Alexander
Mrs, Charles H. Turner
3395 N. Woodhaven

Perry Bigham
4669 Ihirbin Ave,
Memphis, Tenn,

Earline Blackwood
Mrs. Ray N. Carter
1242 Aetna
Anaheim, California

C. W. Blackwood
1609 West 51st Street
Chattanooga, Tenn,

Elton Brasher

Claudine Browning
Mrs. W. C. Thompson
807 Manley Ave.
Paris, Tenn.

Edgar Byrd
731 Florence Ave.
Madison, Tenn,

Earline Carter
"Mrs. Vaughn Williams
407 Oak Ave.
S. Pittsburg, Tenn.

Anna Margaret Gates
Mrs. John D. Martin
India Road
Paris, Tenn.

Robbye Clendenin
Mrs. Irvine Koch
1841 Mary Catherine Drive
Shively, Ky.

Cathryn Cole
Mrs. Cathryn Armstrong
1009 Madison
Paris, Tenn.

Marian Collins
Mrs. Janes H. Lampkins
190 Church St.
Highland Park, 3, Mich.

Robert Compton

Elizabeth Connell
Mrs. M. E. Wright
546 E. Washington St,
Paris, Tenn.

Geneva Council
Mrs. Ed Hudgins
197 Hunter St.
Battle Creek, Mich.

Helener K3n& Currier
1000 university .Ave., S.E.
Apt. 16-2
Minneapolis, I4, Minn.

William Currier

Maxine Etheridge
Mrs. Cal Orris
211 S. Lake St.
Paris, Tenn.

Sarah Foust
Mrs. G. W. Faughn
Mulberry St.
Murray, Ky.

Ruby Finch
Mrs. Jack Haines
20600 Charleston St,
Detroit, 3, Mich.

John Hugh Floyd
509 S. Jackson
Paris, Tenn.

Marguerite Frazier
Mrs. Curtis Weston
1009 E. Wood St.
Paris, Tenn.

Frances Freeman
601 Irvine St.
Paris, Tenn.

Lloyd Gaddy
1922 Upland
Nashville, Tenn.

Jane Greer
Mrs. James B. Puckett
P.O. Box. 76
Tullahoma, Tenn.

Julia Hagan
Mrs. Alfred Dick
111 Richardson St.
Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

Paul Harding
First Baptist Church
Clinton, Tenn.

Corrine Harris
Mrs. Robert Dungan
320 Kirkwood Drive
Vandalia, Ohio

Geneva Henchey
Mrs. Geneva Mohundro
2496 Harvard Ave,
Memphis, 12, Tenn.

Gilbert Hert
654 Lake shore Parkway
Chattanooga, Tenn.

J. Fred Holder
General Dynamics
Engineering Dept,, Operat:
Fort Worth, Texas

Thomas Korner
13138 Rumnel Creek Drive
Houston, 24, Texas

Richard Hudson, Jr.
1035 Marilyn Drive
Baton Rouge, La,

Charles Humphreys

Geraldine Hurt
Mrs. Earon McCutcheon
Winsor Hls.
Paris, Tenn.

Juliet Johnston
Mrs. Jack Slansky
1057 N. Mountain
Carson City, Nev.

Laurence Lacy
1034 Cypress St.
Wasco, Calif.

Jean Lambert
Mrs. Buford Paschall
R#4, Box 184
Greenwood, Ind.

Annie Dell Largent
Mrs. Hugh McCain
3754 Annette Lane
Memphis, Tenn.

James M. Lilly

John D. Martin
India Road
Paris, Tenn.

Billy Miller
Dresden Hwy.
Paris, Tenn.

Mary Virginia Miller
Mrs. Henry Bean
RR# 2
Springfield, Tenn.

Nell Moody
Mrs. James Crass
Hwy 79E
Paris, Tenn.

Benjamin R. Moser
Paraguay, S. America
Dept. of State
Washington, 25, D.C.

Martha Morris
Mrs. Fred N. Neese
5044 Wingdale
Memphis, Tenn.

Doris McCutcheon
Mrs. Byron Sarvis
625 North Oakland St.
Arlington, Va.

Dale McSwain

Leroy Phelps
7810 Poe Ave.
Playa del Rey, Calif.

Sarah Phelps
Mrs. John L. Salmon
Puryear, Tenn.

Hannah Ray
Mrs. W. 0. Haslocker
38l6 Tyler
Berkley, Mich.

Nell Austin Richardson
Mrs. B. L. Haley
301 Patterson
Memphis, Tenn.

James Riley
Beaumont Street
Martin, Tenn.

William Riley
1065 Oakview
Memphis, Tenn.

William K. Roberson
911 21st Street
Odessa, Texas

Virginia Rucker
Mrs. Joe Routon
912 Dunlap Street
Paris, Tenn.

Lee Scarbrough
13500 Marion St,
Detroit 39, Mich.

Warren Snow
1014 Chickasaw
Paris, Tenn.

Wyno Bell Snow
Mrs. James G. Carr, Jr.
2211 E. 3rd St.
Casper, Wyoming

Laverne Sweeney
Mrs. Leiand Cooper
1119 Chickasaw
Paris, Tenn.

Mary Sue Sweeney
Mrs. Bernard K. Marshall
Fairview St., RR#5
Paris, Tenn.

Carleen Taylor
Mrs. Van Herring
117 E. Collins Court
Louisville, l4, Ky.

Earline Toler
Mrs. G. W. Garner
506 Park Place
Monticello, Illinois

E. B. Underwood
U607 Huckleberry Cove
Whitehaven, Tenn.

Jane Veazey
Mrs. Bibert Sturdivant
609 Walnut St.
Paris, Tenn.

Gloria Ve1tman
Mrs. Ted Henry
Ripley, Tenn.

Joy Veltman
Mrs. Joy Fontaine
1572 Overton Park
Apt. 16
Memphis, Tenn.

Mary Katherine Veltman
Mrs. John S. Fischer
714 Maxwell Ave,
Orlando, Fla.

Lt. Col. Curtis Vester, Jr.
608 Longfellow
Wichita, Kansas

Eleanor Watkins
Mrs. J. D. Mackintosh
2906 Amhurst Ave,
Burlington, N.C.

Margaret Whitescarver
Mrs. Milton Roberts
5167 Haleville Rd.
Memphis, Tenn.

Philip Wynns
Paris, Tenn.





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