Bill McCutcheon
Staff  writer and photo technician with
The Post-Intelligencer, works on some
pictures at his corner work station at
The P-I office.

Bill McCutcheon

Still favorite with P-I Readers


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Once again and for the seventh
time in the eight years of the Read-
ers' Choice Awards Post-lntellinger
readers have picked staff
writer and photo technician Bill
McCutcheon as. Best Reporter.
"I'm always honored and flabbergasted at being chosen,"
McCutcheon said . "I really appreciate it."
A 16-year employee with the P-I McCutcheon said that taking
photographs is one of his favorite parts of the job

"I enjoy getting creative shots," he
McCutcheon said he also enjoys
covering and writing up Paris
city government meetings, and he
praised Paris officials for the orderly
way they do business and for their
helpful and cooperative attitude
toward the media.

Before joining The P-l staff in
1996, McCutcheon worked for
almost four decades in radio
broadcasting, holding a variety of
positions at several area radio stations throughout the years.
According to McCutcheon, he has
been interested in the media and journalism since he was a child

growing up on Blythe Street, where he created and produced a neighborhood newspaper using carbon paper to make copies of his publication.

McCutcheon kicked off his career
in radio at WTPR while he was still a
junior in high school.
He has also served as a correspondent for the Nashville Banner and The Commercial Appeal.
An avid music fan, McCutcheon still
maintains his sideline gig providing
music as a disc jockey at various events and gatherings, something he has been doing for the past 50 years.


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Bill  McCutcheon
Class of  1960

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Reprinted  from
The Paris Post-Intelligencer
Paris, Tennessee
July 27, 2012  Edition ~ USED  BY  PERMISSION