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Guest Book Entries (continued)

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02 Feb 2009

This is a great web site that needs to continue. Every time I drive by the Tower old memories are rekindled.

Ron Davis
Class  of  1967

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25 Jan 2009

What ever happened to the good old days ?

Larry  Snow
Class  of  1961

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09 Dec 2008

I do enjoy looking at all the pictures, and appreciate all of you who have put this together.

Sandra Scott Johnson
Class  of  1955

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30 Nov 2008

Thanks to the efforts of Charlie Brown, the estate of Glen Stephenson donated a lift to Scotty Hamilton. Charlie and myself have
started an account for Scotty in order to keep his insurance and maintenance on the van up to date. Many old classmates have
donated money to the fund. If you would like to donate you can send a check to Charles Brown, 135 Haymont Circle, Paris;
or to Jerry Mustain. 37 Hillcrest Dr. , Paris. Jack Veazey is handling the account at Security Bank. Thank you in advance for your help.

Jerry Mustain
Class  of  1961

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19 Nov 2008

I'm looking for a 1957 Annual.  I loaned my to a former classmate and  never got it back.

Eddie Chrisman
Class  of  1957

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21 Oct 2008

To Class of  1949. I sent a picture of the Atkins-Porter 8th grade graduating class 1945 (Ms. White.) We sure need help identifying
some classmates. Please go to the following page to help:
There is another section of this class that is also the Grove class of 1949. That Link:
If any one has a photo of  Ms. Adams class please send to Buddy at the Grove Site or contact me.

Ralph E. Jackson
Class  of  1949

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17 Oct 2008

Charlene  Elmer
Class  of  1959

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28 Sep 2008

Hi All,
I am looking for Frances McFarland who graduated in 1959. If anyone knows her whereabouts please let me know.

Lola Gregory Martin
Class of 1960

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28 Sep 2008

Hello, Paris. Weren't there two teachers named Montgomery in the 60's? I thought I had one for math in 8th grade. Oh well, the years and Florida
sunshine have probably eroded my memories. As I recall, most of our teachers covered more than one discipline, regardless of the name of the
class. Was interested to see Barton Robison featured in last year's  Presbyterian mission yearbooks as part of a church mission team helping
drill freshwater wells in rural South America. Aside from his moving me from Nancy Drew to Leo Tolstoy in one year, I recall his trying to show
judo moves to some of us at the school picnic! Be well, all.

Betsy Gray
Class  of  1969

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07 Sep 2008

Thanks for the great job with this website. It is a wonderful way for us to keep up with our classmates!!!
August the 15th after 33 years of living in Louisville, Kentucky, I moved to Orlando, FL. My sister Nola is now
about an eighth of a mile from me. She is about to become a grandmother for the first time. Her son Peter and
his wife Jamie are expecting twin girls due around Thanksgiving this year. Great Aunt Pam moved closer to be
with the girls as they are born and grow up. Exciting times ahead. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Pam Dowland
Class  of  1969

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02 Sep 2008

I am Louise (McFarland) Enoch of Sheffield, Alabama.  I attended E.W. Grove in my freshman and sophomore years, my family
moved to another state and I graduated in Illinois.  I am always included in the reunions of the class of 1942.  I remember all of
those classmates with much love.

Louise  McFarland  Enoch
Class  of  1942

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17 Aug 2008

Jerry Mustain
Class  of  1961

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10 Aug 2008

This website is a wonderful idea, but I wish more graduates would participate. I look forward to returning to this site.

Betty Smyth Vaden
Class  of  1964

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06 Aug 2008

From my Freshman year of 1956-57, to my Senior Class of 1960, I can definitely say this was one of the best times of my life. From Faculty,
Coaches, and Classmates, you were the best, bar none .... I had the privilege, and distinction of being a part of the tradition, and history
of  E.W. Grove High School. I was blessed to play Football, and Basketball as a "Grove Blue Devil"...What a memorable, and enjoying experience.
with so many memories. Thanks to my many friends I made, during the period of time, that I attended, and was a part of Grove High School. You
will always be a fond, and cherished part of my life, with memories that can never be replaced.

Ward Gaylor Dougherty
Class  of  1960

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05 Aug 2008

I enjoy looking at the yearbooks and remembering our fun days at Grove..

Becky George Lowery
Class  of  1960

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04 Aug 2008

My grandmother Virginia Smith was in the class of 1934. I believe my grandfather Hallet B. Smith also attended, but was unable to find his photo.

Johnna C. Smith Sims

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