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Guest Book Entries (continued)

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29 Jan 2006

I really have enjoyed all the information  in this web site.   
D. L. Snow

Donald  Larry  Snow
Class  of  1961

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25 Jan 2006

I moved to Nashville and graduated Isaac Litton High followed by undergraduate and med school at Vanderbilt.

Clovis Pierce
Class  of  1951

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17 Jan 2006  (Posted to book January 21, 2006)

Martha Stephens

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20 Jan 2006

Congrats to the originator of this site!  I will add it to my favorites and come to visit again.

Helen Dunlap Prinz
Class  of  1969

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11 Jan 2006

I'm happy to reconnect with the Grove Community. 1955 class reunion last June was wonderful.
This web site is awesome.

Marlene Cochran Smith
Class  of  1955

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11 Jan 2006

A friend told me about your site, and I've really enjoyed it.  I attended Atkins-Porter school until the 5th grade
when my family moved to Jackson, TN.  Otherwise, I would have been in your Class of '62.  I remember so many
of those classmates.  I really would like to contact some of them, particularly Don Provine who lived next door to
me and was my "best friend," and DiAnne Guinn with whom I'm STILL in love!!   :)  Not to mention Sandra Rawls
whom I loved in the first, second, and third grade - even though she didn't know I was alive!  I even wanted to wear
glasses bacause she did!  Another life lesson.  Anyway, "hi" to anyone who may remember me!
Thank you!

Terry Basista 
Class  of  1962

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10 Jan 2006

I am now on internet on computer at home & don't have to check e-mail at library or funeral home. 
Would like to hear from former classmates who were there when I was: 1952 -1959.

Dan Bundy
Class  of  1955

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07 Jan 2006

Eddie Chrisman
Class  of  1957

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05 Jan 2006

Ahhh Memories. Would I do it over again? You bet.

John F. Bergmann
Class  of  1969

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04 Jan 2006

This is a GREAT web site for Grove Alumi . Would like to know if a " Memorial List " is available for the Class of  57 ?

Jimmy Gillespie
Class  of  1957

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02 Jan 2006

I too, was not in the band but Mr. Crosswy really tried to get me to understand music but I just wasn't
musically motivated. I ended up running movies at the Sky Vue Drive In.

Lindell Chrisman
Class  of  1961

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02 Jan 2006

Good to see so many finding this site! Thanks to those that started this trip down memory lane...

Nancy Ellis Melton
Class  of  1968

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01 Jan 2006

Hi! My name is Sarah Crosswy, a 15 year old high school student from The Woodlands, Texas.
My father, Caldwell Crosswy, was the marching band mascot I believe? Dad has shown me his
year book many times. It's interesting to see how people dressed and just what a high school was
like when my dad was a kid. But, most of all, I use it as a keepsake of my grandpa.
I never knew him, because he died when dad was young, but from what I heard, he was a great guy.
My brother, Spencer, is a happy 18 year old and attends the same high school that I do. If you
compared the photo of my father in the yearbook, and a picture of my brother, you couldn't tell whom
is who! My grandma still lives in town, but due to her age, is moving to Nashville to be closer to my aunt
and uncle. I really am going to miss her old Victorian mansion.

Sarah Crosswy

Contact information provided and added: March 3, 2006 ~

Go  Here for a 1960 Caldwell Crosswy mascot picture.

Webmaster note:  Sarah, I do not usually comment on the guest book entry pages but since you didn't
provide your e-mail address I am making an exception. Since I did not take band I did not have your
Grandpa William, Billy, Mr. Crosswy as a teacher. I do know, however, he was certainly well thought of ,
like all of the Grove teachers. But in relation to numbers of students he taught and influenced, no one
touched more than Mr. Crosswy.  ~  Buddy Dancy

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23 Dec 2005

Merry CHRISTMAS to all and a Healthy New Year (2006)

Howard Welch
Class  of  1952

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14 Dec 2005

I enjoyed reading the information and comments on the Grove web page.  If anyone has any information about
any events planned for the reunion of the class of  '57 I would appreciate it. 

Roy Elmer
Class  of  1957

To  contact  Elmer: CLICK  HERE

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05 Dec 2005

Merry Christmas to all '49 classmates and all my friends from our Grove High days. You won't find
my senior picture because I moved to Desoto, Mo. and graduated from Desoto High School. I have
always been sorry that I didn't get to graduate from Grove.

Ralph Jackson
Class of 1949

To  contact  Ralph: CLICK  HERE

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